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Friday, December 10, 2010

Week-in-Review: DeSean Jackson, Pats Fans, Tweet of the Week, more

It’s time for my look back at the sports stories that caught my attention over the last 7 days:

• On Saturday, reported, “A league source tells us that veteran players on the Eagles were put off by the perception that [DeSean] Jackson lacked the courage to get hit, and that they have contemplated taking matters into their own hands. The specific quote from the source, who requested anonymity: ‘Vets were going to give 10 a code red if he didn’t quit being a candy ass.’” The “code red” reference is a little weak – I’m happy Eagles players saw A Few Good Men, but get over it, fellas. That said, I like the fact that players might be handling this.

• On Tuesday around 5 o’clock I saw this on Twitter from DeSean Jackson, “On dis flight back to da eastcoast.. Called my name and I got the upgrade to 1st class me and my bro @iamKIDCALI LA we did that. Had a blast.” I get that players have a life and the Eagles had played on Thursday, giving players some time off. But . . . should he really be flying cross country the night before practice starts?

• I caught this on, “Some mischievous New England scamps made sure to plaster last night's blowout score all over the Jets’ jet. A few airport workers left reminders of the MNF beatdown on the plane and at the gate, presumably cursing it forever.” Those charming Boston fans. Now, if this had happened in Philadelphia, I’m guessing the national media would still be wagging their finger.

• Samuel Dalembert got ripped plenty during his time in Philly, and deservedly so. But he showed some real class this week, flying overnight to attend the funeral of legendary Sixers beat writer, Phil Jasner, and flying back the same day for the Kings game in Sacramento, according to Dan Gross of the Daily News.

• Around 4 o’clock on Tuesday, Allen Iverson tweeted, “My teammates and I are about to go into war, in a very important game. I am dedicating tonights game to the memory of Phil Jasner. If I [was] considered by some to be one of best to have played the game. He clearly was the best to have ever covered one. This one is for you Phil. God Bless!” (The message took several tweets.) The guy seemed to have a good heart, and wanted to do the right thing. I thought this showed it.

• Tweet of the Week – I saw this retweeted by The700Level, “. . . RT @ChrisMottram: McNabb supporters: repent and admit you were wrong now and all is forgiven.”

• Did you see the New Orleans Saints coach do a crotch chop in celebration on Sunday? Could have done without that visual.

• Ken Rosenthal had something for Phillies fans to – briefly – smile about early in the week, tweeting, “Is there a darkhorse on Cliff Lee? Try these five teams! #Angels #Phillies #Reds #Tigers #WhiteSox #MLB.” Would have been nice.

• If you missed hearing the radio genius that was The Vai and Gonzo Show this week, well, slap yourself. Last Friday was their last show. The shocker is that they apparently made the decision to end the show, according to the Inquirer’s Michael Klein. What will we do without Gonzalez being a smartass about everything, or Sikahema doing a weekly picks segment on football games despite professing not to comprehend point spreads? Seriously, how hard is it? If the Eagles are favored by -3.5 they have to win by 4 to cover. He had to have it explained every single week. Harry Mayes is teaming mostly with Sal Paolantonio to fill the time slot for now, and, luckily, they’re keeping producer Sean Brace quiet.

• In a more serious vein, if you missed all of the remembrances of Jasner, check out Rich Hoffman’s piece.

• I’m getting more than a little tired of Charles Barkley ripping the Sixers. They were on TNT Thursday night, and he suggested Doug Collins would be back with the network soon in his continuous rant against the Sixers franchise. The implication seemed to be Collins would be fired through no fault of his own, which is a flat out stupid suggestion. If, as the Round Mound of Rebound, I’m-going-to-run-for-governor-no-I’m-not-yes-I-am, self-contradiction machine, suggested, Collins can’t turn the Sixers around it will be primarily on him. And if Barkley is bitter about never winning anything, which is the only grounds he seems to have for his apparent hatred of the Sixers franchise, he should remember a few things. He was a big part of why the Sixers didn’t win, he didn’t win in Phoenix, and he didn’t win in Houston.

• Sylvester Stallone – who created the fictional character Rocky Balboa – was elected into the International Boxing Hall of Fame and Museum. I love it. The Rocky movies probably did as much to popularize the sport as any real fighter ever did, except Muhammad Ali and “Sugar” Ray Leonard.

• Finally, the United Football League continues to build its own coffin. According to, “The UFL transfer fee policy cost Vikings running back Lorenzo Booker money. . . . Booker estimates he lost $80,000 because of the UFL’s previous transfer fee policy. With a prohibitive $150,000 transfer fee formerly in place, Booker’s eventual arrival in Minnesota was delayed two weeks. The UFL caved and changed the transfer fee to $25,000, which Booker paid.” If UFL officials are trying to destroy their league, they are doing a hell of a job.

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