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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rendell Embarrasses Himself Again . . . and Again

With tomorrow being all about the aftermath of tonight’s Eagles game, I’m posting the weekly look at something a little different from the sports world a day early. So far the yet-to-be-named Wednesday feature has been a fun video or image. This week, though one clip is technically a video, I have two audio clips of outgoing Pennsylvania governor, Ed Rendell, embarrassing himself over the postponement of Sunday’s Eagles game until today due to a snowstorm.

Isn’t it bad enough the governor, and former mayor of Philadelphia, has embarrassed himself, this state, and the town, by his presence on Eagles Post-Game Live for somewhere around a decade while holding both offices? Now he’s essentially ripping the mayor and other authorities for potentially erring on the side of public safety.

I don’t necessarily disagree with his basic point that the game probably could have been played on Sunday and a few of his auxiliary points in the second interview. But I’m just some guy who wanted to watch the game on the couch. I’m not responsible for the safety of thousands of people. As governor, it could be argued that he would have been responsible for those people, especially after endorsing playing the game Sunday night.

He also goes way too far with his argument in suggesting that public transportation solved the problem of people traveling snowy, icy roads. Fans weren’t suddenly going to use public transportation in much greater numbers than they usually do, and, as 97.5’s Mike Missanelli pointed out yesterday, people still have to get to the subway and back.

I’m all for politicians speaking from their heart instead of always offering the sound bite that their PR guy approved, but this was just embarrassing for Rendell. In the below clip he speaks via phone to Fox 29’s John Bolaris (and a co-anchor whose name I don’t know). Note that Rendell takes the time to debate the weatherman about snow fall totals – because clearly that’s what we want our governor focused on. Maybe he’s just ticked that his Post-Game Live check was delayed?

A day later, Rendell stuck to his guns with Missanelli in an interview.

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