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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Preview of Picks in the NFL for Week 13 and College Football

With the Eagles kicking off the NFL week, I thought it was a good opportunity to try my early thoughts on weekend games and review of last week’s picks as a solo post. Hopefully readers are noticing what I hope is the start of an uptick in the number of posts on this blog, and I’m trying to make the Week-in-Review on Fridays worthy of its own post as well.

My hot streak with picks continued with an 8-3 week, Thursday through Wednesday, for +64.54 points. Last week I was 4-1 for +48.27 in college football. In the NFL, I split the two big picks with New England and New Orleans on Thanksgiving. I didn’t like much the rest of the week, and split two smaller picks on Green Bay and the Eagles on Sunday afternoon, then won with the Chargers that night. I’ll admit that the Eagles pick was flat out stupid, breaking the golden rule of never picking with your heart. I ended up +8.77 points. Finally, I capped off the week with a small money line pick in the NBA on the Sixers over Portland for +7.50 points.

The point total was my second-best weekly total ever except for NBA playoff series parlays, which tend to play out for more than a week anyway. In the last three weeks, I’m 24-12-1 for +187.89 points in all sports, another personal best by far – excluding last year’s points for the NBA Finals and Conference Finals, which likely took more than three weeks. I have dug out of the hole I was in starting with Week 1 of the NFL (enhanced somewhat by the early season baseball pick on the Yankees winning the World Series).

Looking at just football this season, the picks are 43-41-3 for +68.52 points. Considering the huge win on the Eagles against Washington on Monday night earlier this season, it could be argued that I’m doing better in college at 17-15-2 for +32.74 points, although last week’s Auburn win on the money line for +31 obviously carries the load. In the NFL, picks stand at 26-26-1 for +35.78.

I’m not bragging, mostly because there’s nothing to brag about. I also know how fast things can turn around. There’s plenty of posts on this blog describing the shellackings I’ve taken, and obviously I wasn’t very good early in the season since this hot streak only got me out of the hole. I update the good and the bad. Certainly, it’s more fun updating the good, but at least I’m not one of those “professional” handicappers screaming my head off into some daily video.

Just having some fun here, people!

Finally, some early thoughts on the upcoming weekend of games. At the moment, the Eagles are -8 against the Houston Texans tonight, and I don’t love the game as a pick. I lean a little bit toward Houston with that many points, but doubt I’ll pick the game. In fact, I don’t like a lot right now in the NFL. The Patriots -3.5 over the Jets on Monday night and Baltimore -3 over Steelers are the most intriguing games to me at the moment.

In college football, Auburn -6 over South Carolina is striking me more than anything else.

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