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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Preview of 2010 Season Bowl Picks and More

Despite a slow week in the sports world, I ended up with a tidy point total of +34.82 in a 3-2 week. I expected to do much more during the week on college Bowl Games, but absolutely nothing interested me.

Unfortunately, the Lakers did not show up to play on Christmas Day versus the Heat, and cost me 10 points. I actually loved this game, but held back for fear of just what occurred – a lackadaisical performance.

I bounced back on Sunday with a 2-1 record in the NFL, only losing a 10-point pick on the Chargers -9 over Cincinnati. I won with the Bears over the Jets on a 20-point pick and the Packers -3 over the Giants on a 15-pointer. They accounted for +31.82 points. Finally, I took the Saints on the money line over Atlanta for 20 points to win 23.

The spread on the Chargers was a little high, I thought, but for them to lose outright to the Bengals just shows that they need to move on from head coach Norv Turner. I held back a little on Green Bay due to concern over Aaron Rodgers being knocked out with a third concussion.

Looking ahead, I like Nebraska tonight and Notre Dame tomorrow, but I’m still mulling over both possibilities. Right now, looking ahead to New Year’s day, only Alabama stands out. (College football needs a damn playoff or they need to fix January 1!) After that, Stanford, Arkansas, and Auburn, look appealing. Pitt is a possibility.

Again, I’m not sure about the NFL this week.

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