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Friday, November 26, 2010

Week-in-Review 11/26/10

I already reviewed last week’s picks, and I’m off to a decent 2-1 start this week. It could have been a huge Turkey Day if New Orleans hadn’t fallen asleep against Dallas, but I can’t complain when Auburn stormed back today from 24 down the beat Alabama. When I say outright, Mike Missanelli fans, I mean outright! (Just having some fun . . . I enjoy Mikey Miss, too.)

Nothing left to do but recap the sports stories and minutiae that caught my attention in the last seven days.

• Quote of the Year? Ed Snider at the ceremony for the demolition of the Spectrum (well, the really slow beginning of the demolition), referring to bringing the success had at the Spectrum to the “. . . Wells Fargo or whatever-its-called Center.” I apologize for ever ripping Mr. Snider. (Not really.)

• It’s never wrong to bust Donovan McNabb’s stones. Check out the latest cartoon from Bang!

• The blog Crossing Broad posted video evidence of Andre Iguodala acting like a petulant child when he didn’t get the ball at the end of regulation during the debacle against Washington. I actually agree with the company line from the Sixers that they are playing better than their record shows – despite the Mike Ditka saying – but it’s getting real old, real fast.

• Anyone else notice Michael Barkann’s story at the end of the broadcast of the demolition of the Spectrum about meeting his wife outside of the locker room while covering the Flyers? Awkward alert.

• I saw this tweet from @JasonWhitlock on Saturday night, “Is this true???? RT @SIC27: U see Bosh is tweeting from the Bench, look at Windhorst's twitter.” He later seemed to confirm it. Stay classy, Chris Bosh, and help those Miami Heat underachieve! (Tonight’s likely bashing of the Sixers notwithstanding.)

• Another item from Crossing Broad. Former Eagles lineman Shawn Andrews whining to Andrea Kramer about hate mail from fans, “A lot of the fans were unforgiving. Most people thought I’d give (football) up, take my money, kick back and go back to Arkansas and have a heart attack, which they wanted. It’s mind blowing. . . . The fact that people thought my depression was fake, my back injuries were fake. Yet despite all the pain and frustration I continued to come back. I had those surgeries so I could come back and play.” He offered some examples, “The next time I read your name I hope it’s in an obituary…. Good job, you’re now a backup…. If you had your head out of your ass you could still be a Pro Bowler for the Eagles.” Remember the “tear jerker” episode? Just sayin’.

• Tweet of the week? From @Adam_Schefter: So I guess Brett Favre can now drive Brad Childress to the airport.

• On Sunday morning I turned on ESPN, and was bombarded with the cliché hype machine. Literally within 3 to 7 minutes Bob Lee offered these gems:
o Introducing the ND-Army game with, “Why does it always go back to the Babe” . . . “a day to marinate in history.” (It doesn’t and it wasn’t.)
o Tossing it to a Countdown preview, “NFL headlines always seem to return to a 41-year-old quarterback” (. . . because we at ESPN insist on it).

• I’m ok with nostalgia, but enough is enough. I don’t care about the media’s love affair with Wrigley Field. Playing a football game with all of the offensive plays going one way because no one bothered to figure out that the added seats make it impossible to properly put a football field in Wrigley was just stupid.

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