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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Twitter Fun, Plus Chris Bosh Video via Deadspin

I went a little Twitter crazy yesterday, adding about 50 people to those who I follow, up from 8 or 9. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, my number of followers jumped from 3 or 4 – a number that was strangely fluid – to 9 in 24 hours. I’m hoping that changing robqblogs to focus on my Rob Q Ink posts and game day picks on the NFL, NBA, and more, had something to do with the increase, but I’m guessing it was more about a “follow me, follow you” mentality. The thought was only strengthened by the fact that my new twitter feed for my PhillyACCESS blog gained a follower before I finished setting it up.

Thanks to Twitter, I will now be following the tweeted brilliance of everyone from Michael Barkann to Terrell Owens. I’m actually thinking Owens will be good for a few laughs. I have to give credit to 97.5’s Harry Mayes in my efforts to find people in the sports world to follow. He was the first person I followed, and I basically checked out who he was following to pick out people who seemed like they would be interesting or informative to add to my list. I left some of his non-sports selections alone . . . for now.

Giving Mayes “credit” may turn out to be a misnomer. Honestly, I don’t know how people follow so much of the garbage that is tweeted, and I’m not even referring to the goofball who tweets that they’re making a sandwich. Actually, no, you’re taking time out from making a sandwich to tell the world that you’re making a sandwich. I once saw a Facebook “friend” post (how come Facebook doesn’t have some made-up or redefined word for posting, like tweeting?) that she was cuddling with her husband.

Granted, I don’t get much cuddling action, but if your mind has wandered to the idea of Facebooking (I forgot, it does have its own word) I’m guessing the good part is over and there’s really nothing worth sharing.

But I digress.

If it doesn’t make my eyes glaze over – a distinct possibility – my hope is that expanding my use of Twitter will enhance my efforts in covering the world of sports in Philadelphia and beyond. At the very least, it should make my Week-in-Review more extensive.

Of course, my fear is that it just puts more media noise in my head and “more extensive” ends up equating to “crap.”

Hopefully, the below video is somewhere between fun and noise. I saw it through the Twitter feed of I post it for those, like me, who are tired of the ESPN-driven notion that Chris Bosh is part of a “Big 3” on the Miami Heat and might take solace in the fact that we are not alone. On a roster of scrubs, aside from Dwayne Wade and LeBron James, he’s averaging 6 rebounds per game (the same as Wade, a shooting guard) and 14.5 points. The points are inflated by the fact that the rest of the roster is made up of guys who would fit under the salary cap with the max contracts of the other three. Jerry Stackhouse is even on the roster! He’s in his 15th season.

If you don’t believe the numbers, maybe you’ll like the video.

TBJ exclusive: Like A Bosh from The Basketball Jones on Vimeo.

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