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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Games

With no picks tonight, I finished last week with my best record and one of my best weekly point totals ever on the blog. I went 9-2-1 for 77.05 points, including 6-2 in the NFL for 58.86 points and 3-0-1 in college.

If you followed my picks on Twitter, you know that I counted the Packers pick for 10 points to win 8.69pts, at -3 for -115 “juice.” I actually tweeted the pick as Green Bay -7, which was supposed to be Tennessee. But since the points were actually more than what Green Bay was giving, I’m counting the win at the correct price. Let’s just say I only wish I’d made the mistake elsewhere! I also had Dallas at -6.5 as a winner on a 10 point pick, winning 9.09.

I split my two big NFL picks, dropping the Patriots at -4.5, but hitting with the Falcons after they went to -3.5 for a more typical price. They were originally -3 for a very high price. Each pick was for 15 points to win 13.64.

The big winner came on a parlay pick made early in the day on the Packers, Falcons, and Eagles. All were -3, but the price for each was insane. It just wasn’t worth picking any of them individually, but a 10-point parlay was worth 47.44 points with all 3 in the package.

In college, I won with Notre Dame -8.5 and Arkansas -3.5 for 5 points each to win 4.55 points, along with Wisconsin at -4.5 for 10 points to win 9.09. Finally, Ohio State -3 for 15 points was a push.

For Week 12 in the NFL, I’m leaning toward starting tomorrow with the two afternoon games. I like New England -7 and New Orleans -3. On Friday, I like Auburn to beat Alabama as the underdog. See Twitter for official picks all weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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