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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eagles Rip 'Skins; Vick, McNabb (and Kolb) Debate Over

Everybody makes mistakes in they lifetime, and the Redskins made one last night! Then they got to watch it.

After the borderline insane move of re-signing Donovan McNabb prior to the game last night when the last on-field move that involved the quarterback was his benching, the Redskins got to watch McNabb throw 3 interceptions en route to getting an ol’ fashioned whuppin’ last night.

The first play of last night’s game may have said it all. If McNabb is the Eagles quarterback, the deep pass to take advantage of something the coaches had identified as a weakness in the Redskins’ defense results in him clapping his hands together in mock disappointment with that dumb smile on his face because he “just missed” DeSean Jackson.

Last night it was an 88-yard touchdown pass from Michael Vick and the Eagles never looked back.

See the Inquirer for the onslaught of statistics, including NFL and franchise firsts that Vick and the offense set last night. Mike Missanelli of 97.5 The Fanatic has said Vick plays like a video game, and his numbers were absolutely Madden-esque last night. But now he’s doing it through rushing and passing.

But again, that first play said so much. It’s not just the fact that Vick completed an 88-yard bomb for a touchdown. It’s the difference between McNabb and Vick that is put on display with the play.

It was Monday Night Football, a key division game, news of McNabb’s contract had broken earlier in the day. McNabb had the chance to sweep the team and the city that “didn’t appreciate him,” according to the national media. He was in front of his new home crowd doing its best impression of Jets fans mocking Philadelphia when they thought they stole the Eagles brilliant head coach, Rich Kotite.

Cameras caught just a snippet of McNabb doing another awkward dance in the tunnel with teammates before the game. The hype machine was set to max for a regular season game.

And Vick comes out on the first play of the game, setting the tone for the night.

McNabb responds with a three-and-out.

Last week I wasn’t onboard with the “sign Vick now” sentiment sweeping Philadelphia. I still wanted to see Vick perform in the playoffs, and thought the victory over Indianapolis was a bit misleading. Even with the same thing holding true this week, it’s obvious the Eagles need to sign Vick to an extension.

Indianapolis was banged up and Washington just stinks. The ‘Skins would be dead in the water for years if last night’s reports about a 5-year, $70+ million contract for McNabb had been true. (Reports are already circulating that he can be cut for less than $4 million.)

John Clayton on Mike and Mike mentioned that Vick can be franchised this coming off-season. So, there’s no reason to do the traditional Philadelphia thing and start to panic that Vick won’t be an Eagle next year – if there’s even NFL football next year. Plus, as much as I rip the Eagles, they do seem to get contracts done with the players they want to keep.

But again, I was wrong. Michael Vick looks absolutely amazing and the Eagles must re-sign. Kevin Kolb may be a good quarterback some day, somewhere. But it can’t be in Philadelphia now.

I said last week that there were times it almost looked like it was unfair to see Vick play against the Colts. It was only worse for Washington last night.

DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and LeSean McCoy, are a big part of the Eagles’ offensive puzzle. But what happened last night was all about Vick.

I can’t go too far, and start making plans to watch the Eagles in the Super Bowl . . . in Dallas . . . with McNabb doing his Chunky’s business. (He might have a passive aggressive hemorrhage.) Next week, despite what happened to the Giants against the Cowboys on Sunday, will tell a lot about the chances of that happening.

But, oh boy, it’s going to be a fun second half of the season thinking about it.

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