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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Eagles Come Back to Earth Against Chicago

Notes section updated Monday morning.

The Chicago Bears were better than the Eagles on Sunday. No question. But somehow Andy Reid found a way to make his unflappably bad decision making a part of the story.

With 5 minutes left in the game and the Eagles down two touchdowns and a 2-point conversion, they . . . kicked a field goal.

Admit it. Even though you saw the game, you almost went with “punted” to finish the above sentence. But no, this wasn’t the playoffs in New Orleans several years ago. It was, however, a decision that was just as stupid.

With the score 31-16, a field goal was virtually meaningless for the Eagles. They still needed two touchdowns to win the game with the score 31-19. (In case it’s not obvious to everyone except the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, eliminating the need for a 2-point conversion isn’t worth it at that point.) Considering that they were on the Bears 19-yard line, it could almost be argued that they were better off even if they didn’t make a first down on 4th-and-18 – Chicago started their next possession at their own 25, and the time for the field goal and kickoff had run off the clock.

It just becomes more and more obvious that if this team isn’t clicking on all cylinders – in other words, blowing teams out – they aren’t going to beat good teams. Reid can’t make the simplest of decisions on his feet, and no one on the coaching staff or team has the ability or guts to do it for him.

But, again, the Eagles definitely did not deserve to win this game. Despite having 333 yards passing, and a surprising 44 yards rushing (it just didn’t seem like that much), Michael Vick had a difficult day. Those passing yards are a bit inflated by a “prevent defense” from Chicago at the end of the game, and came on 44 attempts. His first interception all year, a pass that was tipped at the line and picked off in the end zone, really reversed the momentum of the game. The Eagles were threatening to score to go ahead 20-14, and instead Chicago marched for a touchdown to lead 21-13.

Here are some more thoughts:
• DeSean McCoy had 53 yards on 10 carries. It’s another old refrain with Reid, but McCoy should have gotten the ball more.

• Eagles reporter Les Bowen reported that he was told DeSean Jackson “barked” at Michael Vick, though he had not seen the incident. Bowen also tweeted Jackson was visibly upset. Both seemed to be references to after the game. As long as he doesn’t become a diva, I like the passion.

• I didn’t watch the post game show, but I heard Vick took the blame for the interception. You have to like that. I did hear him say, “I hate to lose, it makes me sick.” Again, you have to like it.

• Asante Samuel’s value never seemed more apparent. He missed the game, and Jay Cutler looked like a stud.

• The Bears defense looked awesome.

• Four field goals from David Akers says it all about the Eagles’ offense in the red zone today.

• Early in the third quarter, Reid snuck in his weekly skill of wasting timeouts. With the Eagles deep in their own territory facing 3rd-and-19. Reid calls a timeout to avoid a delay-of-game penalty. After the timeout, the Eagles run a draw play, and punt. So glad they didn’t have to face 3rd-and-24.

• As usual, the Eagles showed little inclination to use a hurry-up offense despite needing two touchdowns in the fourth quarter.

• Reports are that Reid ripped the team after the game, specifically DeSean Jackson for his sloppy pre-game warm-up.

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