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Monday, November 8, 2010

Birds, Sixers Get Ws

The Eagles and Sixers got a win on the same day. Sorry, Flyers fans, the organization couldn’t make it a Philadelphia sweep on Sunday. Now that I’ve exhausted my hockey knowledge, here’s just a few thoughts from the weekend:

• Give Andy Reid credit – 12-0 after the bye is incredible. That said, in a way, isn’t Andy Reid’s record after a bye a potential condemnation of him? Give him the extra time and he never loses. Otherwise, he’s constantly flustered. (Bill Belichick had a bye week before the Super Bowl, too, and we saw what happened there. Remember, I said “extra” time.)

• At one point, having picked against the Eagles, watching Michael Vick run almost seemed unfair to the opposition. Then he gets in the “red zone,” and David Akers looks great.

• The Birds defense doesn’t need to get too hyped up over defeating Peyton Manning. He came into the game with two key weapons out, Joseph Addai and Dallas Clark, and lost Austin Collie in the game. It’s a good, not great, win.

• The officials were pretty bad. Calling a penalty because Manning was literally touched on the head by a defensive player’s hand was a joke. The call for the hit on Collie was not as bad as people are saying. It’s part of the transition this sport absolutely has to go through.

• Is Kate Fagan kidding with a column ripping the Sixers as a bad, over paid roster yesterday? They’re an Andre Iguodala foul-that-never-came from a 3-game winning streak in a 7-game old season. Relax.

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