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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Better Response

Every time I see it, and as a sports fan it’s impossible to miss, I want to rip LeBron James. As if “The Decision” – and I don’t mean his choice of where to sign in free agency – wasn’t bad enough, he has made a commercial that now incessantly reminds the public of what an arrogant jerk he was in the way he left his supposedly beloved home town of Cleveland. While he was at it, James made it very clear that he doesn’t even comprehend the fact that outside of Cleveland no one really cares where he signed. He also doesn’t get that we don’t care what he does in response to the backlash for the “The Decision,” which he childishly asks about over and over again in the commercial in an incredibly weak effort to make the public response the problem as opposed to his stupidity.

I might have told him that he should shut up about it and let the reaction run its course. The American public has an amazing ability to forget. I might have said that we’d be happy if he just disappeared, and that he hasn’t done anything worth reminding anyone about and showing a high school trophy case as the image of what he’s done before is just sad. I might have told him to look up the word legacy. I might have told him that I don’t care about his tattoo, and that the fact that he thinks the public wants him to be anything is just more of his arrogance shining through.

I definitely would have said that even though he’s a big boy and made an ass out of himself by his own doing, finding some new advisors should be a top priority. Not one person at Nike or in his supposedly burgeoning business enterprise had the ability to explain how utterly stupid both the prime time special and commercial would make him look? I probably would have gone on and on about winning something before crowning himself, not running to a situation in which he can blame other so-called superstars – not that anybody buys Chris Bosh as a superstar – when he doesn’t win, and more.

But, this is so much better . . .

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