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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World Series Primer

Philadelphia and New York weren’t the only ones who wanted to you-know-what after the Phillies and the Yankees failed to make the World Series. Fox and Major League Baseball can’t be happy about this match-up. Texas versus San Francisco won’t be pulling too many people away from their poker games.

Call me a bitter Phillies fan if you must, but I don’t see the Giants giving Texas much of a series. I still can’t even believe they’re in this Series. When Cody Ross carries a team in the NLCS, and Pat Burrell combines with him to makeup two-thirds of their outfield, it just doesn’t scream “champions.”

For Texas, Cliff Lee has proven he just doesn’t lose in the playoffs. He was so far in the Yankees heads that the mere thought of him in Game 7 took them out in Game 6. Now he’s poised to pitch at least two games in the Series, most likely against Tim Lincecum, virtually eliminating the ace of the Giants.

The Texas bats also knocked around the Yankees pitchers, and no team can go cold as a group like the Phillies. I just don’t see the Giants shutting down another good hitting team for a second series in a row. The one caveat to that is that the Rangers are known as a home run hitting team, and Candlestick Park (known as Whatever Corporate Entity Bought the Naming Rights Last Park) is a tough place to hit the ball out of the park.

I already lost my official Series pick having taken the Yankees early in the season, so I’m not making a second pick now. But I do think Texas wins this one. If you’re watching it, follow me on Twitter for game day picks on the Series.

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