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Friday, October 22, 2010

Phils Survive; Week 7 NFL Picks; College Picks; Week-in-Review

A comeback of historic proportions in the making? That’s what’s on the minds of every Phillies fan tonight after a thrilling Game 5 victory in San Francisco against their ace, Tim Lincecum, and after the game we learned that our ace, Roy Halladay, had to gut it out after a “minor” groin pull early in the game.

The team seemed to wake-up a little bit last night, with Jimmy Rollins stealing a couple bases, Jayson Werth popping a huge 9th inning home run, sandwiched around Ryan Madson and Brad Lidge mowing down the Giants, and even Raul Ibanez getting a couple of hits.

There’s still plenty to be concerned about despite the high of last night. Both teams are batting the ball around more in the field than the batter’s box, Chase Utley looks defeated every time he swings the bat, and Ryan Howard hasn’t hit a home run in October. Most concerning for tomorrow night is still the fact that Roy Oswalt pitched in the game on Wednesday and has to go again on Saturday.

But having the team back home makes everything seem a lot better.

Picks. Twitter giveth, and Twitter taketh away. I went 3-0 on the blog last week, but ended up 4-7 for wins and losses on the week – although 3 of the Ls were in a college 5-point parlay. Whoever thought a parlay could be a point saver? Anyway, thanks to a nice Monday Night Football win, I finished at +10.63 points for the week. It was my best point total for a week on the season, and the second out of three weeks finishing ahead.

Unfortunately, disaster seems to be inevitable. I jumped on the Yankees to win the World Series at +250 for 50 points when reports were running rampant that they were getting Cliff Lee. Of course, that’s no excuse for the ALCS/NLCS parlay that is going down unless the Phillies and the Yankees pull off semi-miracle comebacks.

I’m working on the definitive all-time record for my picks, and I’ll have that next week. I actually have picks going back to 2005, and really didn’t keep track of how I was doing in the beginning. I literally spent time going back through the early picks, and I’m just plugging them into Excel.

For now, it’s time to get back on a roll. Here’s my picks for the weekend:

Alabama -16.5 over Tennessee (10pts. to win 9.52)
Notre Dame -6.5 over Navy (10pts. to win 9.52)
New England +120 (money line) over San Diego (15pts. to win 18)
Tennessee +3 over the Eagles (15pts. to win 15)


• I saw this note from Leslie Gudel on Twitter @lesliegudel after losing night’s game, “Giants fan standing curb side as team bus pulls out, flipping them the double-bird and spewing obscenities. #stayclassy.” No national attention for this? Shocker.

• I read this from James Harrison on after he put two Cleveland Browns out of the game with head shots. “I don’t want to injure anybody. . . . There’s a big difference between being hurt and being injured. You get hurt, you shake it off and come back the next series or the next game. I try to hurt people.” C’mon. This is as dumb as former Eagle Mike Golic bemoaning the NFL cracking down on helmet-to-helmet hits as though there’s a class system in the league. They both need to get a clue. The game needs to be adjusted, or there won’t be a game.

• We all saw this from the woman singing “God Bless America” last night in San Francisco. With the help of hearing Harry Mayes on 97.5 and Google, I learned that the type of hat is worn by characters from “Beach Blanket Babylon,” which according to its website is “the longest running musical revue in theatre history, is a zany musical spoof of pop culture with extravagant costumes and outrageously huge hats. With sold-out performances since 1974, Beach Blanket Babylon is an internationally acclaimed San Francisco institution.” If you’re still thinking, “WTF?” I can’t blame you.

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