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Monday, October 11, 2010

Phils Advance, Eagles Win . . . But Who Could Focus?

If you have two quarterbacks, do you really have one at all?

If you try to watch two games at once, do you really see either one?

I had the “last channel” button on the remote working overtime last night, flipping back and forth between the Phillies and Eagles games. How TBS couldn’t somehow avoid having the Phillies on against the Eagles boggles the mind – don’t these networks want the markets of the teams they’re airing to watch their broadcast?

I try to offer something a little different from the media when I write about a game. Unlike other bloggers, I don’t think anybody is getting their game report from me (or any other blog). But it’s tough to pick up on nuances of a game when you’re constantly wondering what’s going on in the other game.

If you follow my Twitter picks, and luckily only a few people do, you know I was confident the Eagles were going to lose last night. And, quite frankly, if Alex Smith didn’t disappear after the first drive of the game until the fourth quarter, they would have.

But give credit where it seems to be due. Kevin Kolb looked like an NFL quarterback from what I saw. Just imagine what might have been if he hadn’t gotten a concussion at end of the first half of the first game.

LeSean McCoy played despite broken ribs and rushed 18 times for 92 yards. Eighteen times? Maybe Andy Reid was sneaking peeks at the Phillies game too, and Marty Mornhinweg snuck in an actual running game.

Actually, rumor has it that Reid got involved in the defense more than usual. I’ve been saying for a short while that somebody better get involved with the defense. The 49ers looked like a badly produced soap opera on the sidelines, and still almost stole this game.

The Phillies rode Cole Hamels’ outstanding pitching to a sweep of the Reds. No big surprise, but I’m still concerned that they’re going to have to hit better than they’re doing to beat the Yankees. Yes, I know I’m skipping over the NLCS and ALCS. If it wasn’t for the money, MLB would too. That way they would have better odds of playing the “fall classic” in fall-like weather.

Of course, they would have to play the World Series during the day for that to happen, which would also help people on the east coast could watch the end of the games before the following morning.

But the networks seem to like it better when we have to struggle just to watch.

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