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Monday, October 18, 2010

Phillies Split Home Games, Eagles Win

So much to talk about, so much to react to from the weekend:

• Only Andy Reid could take the joy out of Kevin Kolb having a second consecutive solid game and leading the Eagles to back-to-back wins. Instead of feeling good about watching the young quarterback of the future finally getting a chance to develop, fans get to hear Reid assure everyone that he will be going back to the bench in favor of Michael Vick, who in all likelihood won’t be back next year.

• You gotta love Roy Oswalt blowing through a hold up sign, scoring from second on a base hit, and sparking the Phillies to a critical Game 2 win. He showed more heart on the base paths than anybody in a Phillies uniform all year. This team needs to be able to run the bases, play “small ball,” whatever you want to call it, if they’re going to win the World Series, and it’s amazing that a pitcher is the one guy who did it.

• The minute I saw Ryan Howard on the Fox broadcast of the Eagles game, I knew someone would have a problem with it. WIP’s Angelo Cataldi indicated that he had taken many calls about it this morning. Why do we have to do this every time, Philadelphia? It was a stupid TV promotion six hours before the game. He was minutes from where he needed to be. Even if the Phillies lost, Howard being at the Eagles game for probably an hour didn’t affect anything.

• Not that anyone would know this by the Fox broadcast, but Vick never showed up to the Eagles game until less than an hour before the game. This is an issue. Reid can blow it off and claim he gave Vick permission to be late all he wants. Vick wasn’t even on the sideline for the game. The “starting quarterback” couldn’t have any input for his “backup” during the game? Maybe a little back and forth between the two before the game?

• Cody Ross continues to be a Phillies killer. Three homers in two games – are you kidding me?

• Is the NFL really serious about reducing head injuries? As I’m preparing this post I’m hearing Vai Sikahema offer the tired argument that the helmet-to-helmet hits cannot be taken out of football. Well, the NFL better find a way to do it. The hit on DeSean Jackson wasn’t even helmet-to-helmet, and he reportedly has a severe concussion and memory loss. One guy in the Pittsburgh game put two guys out with helmet-to-helmet hits. Soon, the players will be talking about what a serious issue health care is as they renegotiate a collective bargaining agreement, yet they seem to have zero desire to try to fix this problem. Jackson is likely to feel the repercussions of that hit later in his life, and there seems to be little going on to stop these types of hits by the players. I really think that, unless technology can help eliminate the concussions with a superior helmet, this issue could eventually be the end of the NFL.

Other thoughts:

• Will the Dallas Cowboys ever realize that Tony Romo went undrafted for a reason? Will they ever realize Wade Phillips is clueless? I sure hope not.

• Washington seems somewhat like a fraud team. Last night they only lost to Indianapolis by 3, but the Colts kept them in the game with turnovers and a defense that just thought the game was over on Washington’s last touchdown.

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