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Friday, October 1, 2010

McNabb Returns, Week 4 Picks, and a Quick Week-in-Review

I caught the Eagles game on Sunday, but just didn’t have the energy to write a post-game review. Michael Vick is looking good against garbage, and as usual everybody is getting way too excited.

This week is the over-hyped return of Donovan McNabb. The fact is that it will be the last time the Washington Redskins are relevant all season. They have one of the worst pass defenses in the league, and McNabb is still McNabb.

So, I’m skipping right to my picks. Another brutal week dropped me to 4-8 and -47.74. I came back a little bit for myself on some last-minute picks, so I’ll be throwing some “day of” picks on Twitter when the mood strikes me. Follow me at . . . if you dare. Here are the picks I’m starting with:

Philadelphia -5.5 over Washington (20pts. to win 19.05)
Chicago +4 over the Giants (20pts. to win 19.05)
Alabama -8 over Florida (20pts. to win 19.05)


• Let me make this simple: LeBron James is a moron. I realize he was just answering a question when he said race played a role in the backlash to his decision to go to Miami as a free agent. No, Lebron, it didn’t. You being an egotistical jackass did.

• Angelo Cataldi apparently wasn’t satisfied marking his career with the embarrassment of bringing a group of dopes to the draft to boo Donovan McNabb. He’s recreating the idiotic incident by marching to the stadium (or somewhere) with many of the same dopes on Sunday. It’s amazing how a long-time media member could miss the fact that his stunt at the draft would be misconstrued and used as a black eye for Philadelphia – and, yes, that was obviously going to be the reaction. Doing it again to remind everybody how stupid you were is almost unimaginable.

Short review after an exhausting weekend last week participating in the MS Ride. I’m hoping to return next week with more posts than ever on Rob Q. Ink.

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