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Friday, October 29, 2010

All-Time Pick Record, 2010 NFL Week 8 Picks, College Pick, Week-in-Review

As I mentioned I would be doing last week, I have finally, once-and-for-all determined my all-time record for picks given out on the blog and Twitter. With the Phillies out of the playoffs, the Eagles on a bye week, and having recently transitioned the original Rob Q. Ink into an all sports blog, it seemed to be as good a time as any to evaluate the picks I’ve made on this site so far.

Sports were dominating the blog anyway, and I think it kind of confused potential readers to have the other stuff sprinkled in. If you enjoyed my non-sports posts, I’ve created a Page 2 of my personal blogging efforts. The move may have already paid off as this week I picked up my third paid advertisement for the blogs since “moving on” from affiliate sales in August. (I kept Amazon around mostly for their graphical links to use on Page 2.) I also added two follow me on Twitter followers this week @robqblogs. (Readers can follow Rob Q Ink and Page 2 via Twitter.)

Having some Excel fun and combing through old blog posts with sports picks, which actually go back to the start of the 2005 football season, I’ve come up with my all-time picks record. I now have more information than anyone should ever want on the subject, including myself. I will say there may be some very slight differences from early efforts to keep track of the overall record – I found a few posts that had the overall totals a game or two off – but, as is pretty clear by my record, absolutely no selections were changed.

I may get bored, but certainly have more than enough of a life to be bothered changing picks. I’m not a Brandon Lang telling the world how hot I am . . . on Wednesday nights . . . in MAC games . . . when the temperature is above 50 degrees . . . and selling my picks that I admitted in my own movie are a flip of a coin anyway. I’m just having a little fun, and, of course, these picks are for entertainment purposes only. (Wink.) Any discrepancies were honest mistakes; in fact, I think I had one less loss than I should have in the totals I found.

Without further ado (can you hear the drum roll?), here’s where I stand through last night’s World Series game:

All-time Win/Loss Record – 125-122-6
All-time Points – +256.36*
Overall Football W/L – 90-105-6
NFL – 66-73-5
College – 24-32-1
Overall Football Points – -146.95
NFL/College – not determined (yet?)
MLB Playoffs W/L – 5-7
MLB Points – -60.49
NBA W/L – 30-9
NBA Points – +463.80
Boxing W/L – 0-1

And on Twitter, which is already factored in to the above, I’m 12-15-2 for -1.09 points, including 9-12-2 for -18.38 points in football.

*Points started being tracked Week 10 of the 2009 NFL season.

Picks. Despite having the “boom” lowered on me last week by the Yankees losing in the ALCS, which not only made the League Championship Series parlay a complete W/L debacle at 0-2 but ended my early World Series pick for a total of -75 points, I minimized the damage with my best point week ever in football at +47.27. Even though I was only 5-4 in football, I won three 15-point picks, two as outright underdog Ws on the money line and the other as an even money spread winner. Unfortunately, the week ended on Wednesday with a World Series Game 1 loss. Overall, I finished 6-8 for -27.73 points.

This week started with a World Series Game 2 loss – more on that below. I don’t like a lot of games this week, and Brett Favre’s insistence that he might play is apparently keeping the line in Minnesota – New England off the board where I check. So, here’s my picks for Saturday and Sunday with more likely coming via Twitter:

Michigan -3 over Penn State (10pts. to win 9.52)
Miami +1.5 over Cincinnati (15pts. to win 14.29)
Washington +115 over Detroit (10pts. to win 11.50)


• The Inquirer reported that 76ers coach Doug Collins was near tears because fans cheered their opening night non-collapse against the Miami Heat. I know Collins is a former Sixer, and I’m excited about him as the head coach. But I get nervous when coaches come in and instantly want to wrap themselves in what Philadelphia is all about.

• I’d once again like to thank Comcast for not making The Comcast Network available on Verizon. I can’t watch the third game of the Sixers’ season because they put the game on TCN. Owning a team is supposed to be about more than having programming and propping up an extra channel that has been all but dead for more than a year.

• Could we all give Evan Turner a chance to get his feet wet? He looked fine in the opener.

• The Phillies have essentially cut ties with Jamie Moyer and J.C. Romero. Moyer is on the verge of hanging on too long.

• I heard that Yankee fans spit on Cliff Lee’s wife. Gotta love those classy New Yorkers, eh? Of course, I didn’t hear about this on ESPN, which would have hammered away at this story had it happened in Philadelphia.

• Are the Texas Rangers just choking? The bullpen was laughable last night.

• I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s just sad hearing that Allen Iverson has signed up play in Turkey. If he lasts 20 games, I’ll be amazed.

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