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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2010 MLB Playoff Predictions

I have some mixed emotions entering into October baseball predictions this year, not only as a Phillies fan but as a guy who jumped on the Yankees way too early. On July 9, everybody on ESPN was certain that the Yankees were trading for Cliff Lee until, you know, they didn’t. The Rangers scooped him up, and I looked like a chump for grabbing the New Yorkers at the “steal” price of +250 for 50 points to win 125. It’s not a terrible pick, but when it’s considered that they are essentially getting the same odds now, I didn’t make a great move. (For the record, I wasn’t the only dope. The odds dropped to +125 a few hours later and stayed there for a while.)

I’ll stand by the pick, and, again, it’s not exactly a bad pick. I know Minnesota looks great and Tampa Bay actually beat the Yankees in the division. If I’d held off, I would take the Phillies to win it all, but I’m just not going to waste points. So, let’s deal with the first round.

I like the Rays and the Atlanta Braves to advance over the Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants, but not enough to pick them. The Braves almost went out with a whimper before the playoffs, and I don’t like going against the Rangers pitching staff.

That leaves my picks:

Phillies over the Cincinnati Reds -280
Yankees over the Minnesota Twins -180

Neither is worth a solo pick, so I’m making them into a parlay for 20 points to win 22.22.

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