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Thursday, September 9, 2010

NFL and Eagles Predictions for 2010 Season

Tonight the NFL kicks off what many believe will be its last full season for a while, and quite possibly its last 16-game season ever. So, it’s time to have some fun and make a bunch of useless predictions that no one ever owns up to in January – or I guess it’s February these days. Of course, on a blog they never actually go away unless they are just so bad that looking up the post to hit the “delete” button makes sense. I’ll kickoff my weekly college and NFL picks tomorrow (or later today if I talk myself into making Minnesota an actual pick tonight).

Unlike most of the blowhards on the internet, radio, and TV picking games who will tell anybody and everybody about their “inside sources,” I freely admit that I’m just a fan having some fun. I’m sitting here with Sports Illustrated open, I watch and listen to all of the same sports shows most fans do, and I try to leave my Philadelphia fandom out of my predictions.

Some of these are more like “observations” instead of predictions, but for what it’s worth, here it goes:

• I really can’t wait for the national media to have to deal with Donovan McNabb outside of an Eagles uniform. Their tired “Philadelphia doesn’t appreciate how great he is” won’t cut it anymore – not that it ever did. They start with Dallas, Houston, and at St. Louis. I’m guessing they go 2-1, with the national media somehow lovin’ up McNabb even though he’ll get embarrassed for a third consecutive time by Dallas. After that, the Redskins play in Philadelphia, Green Bay, Indianapolis, at Chicago, and at Detroit before a bye. The final two might save McNabb for a while after the three straight losses. But then they have the Eagles, at Tennessee, Minnesota, and at the Giants, after which Washington will finally know the true McNabb. They’ll be about 4-8, and with Tampa Bay, at Dallas and Jacksonville, then the Giants at home, I’m seeing 5-11 with Donnie wearing a hood and a somber look by Christmas.
• I don’t quite get the enthusiasm for Pittsburgh despite Ben Roethlisberger being suspended for the first four games. Dennis Dixon is going to carry them for four games? They’ll be 1-3 going into the bye week, and might eke into the playoffs.
• The Jets are a popular pick, and I like Rex Ryan’s bluster as much as any Eagles fan from the Buddy Ryan era. But I think Mark Sanchez takes a step back this year. The defense might get them to the playoffs and maybe one win, but that’s it.
• The Patriots can’t really be a sleeper pick, but with Wes Walker back I think they go to the Super Bowl. Just a gut feeling.
• This might be wishful thinking, but I’ll take the Vikings to go to the Super Bowl and win. I have to think Brett Favre finally goes away for good if he wins another title.

On more important matters, the Eagles will just make it “over” 8 ½ wins that they are currently listed at for “number of wins” prop bet, but it's going to be closer than I thought. The offensive line looked horrible in the preseason, and fans can only hope that players who are returning from injuries make a difference. I have them going 9-7 this season. Here’s my game-by-game prediction:

@ Lions W
@ Jaguars W
@ 49ers W (scares me)
@ Titans L
@ Redskins W (you heard me)
@ Bears W
@ Cowboys W (because they always win one they should lose@ Giants L
COWBOYS L (because they always lose one they should win)

Of course, it’s September 9, so if you’re taking any of this to the bank (or your bookie), don’t come looking for me when the Super Bowl rolls around.

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