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Friday, September 24, 2010

More on Starting Vick, Week 3 NFL and College Picks, Week-in-Review

I’m writing on Thursday morning as I will be doing the MS Ride early Saturday morning, and I’m attempting to clear my mind from distractions. It’s a technique Andy Reid obviously doesn’t believe in.

Now that the man has thrown the season into complete turmoil, trashing the plan to “start over” with Kevin Kolb in favor of a quick ousting in the playoffs, I really can’t get into the game against Jacksonville. It amazes me how many people want to call sports radio and emphatically state that Michael Vick is the better quarterback.

No kidding. Right now he is the better quarterback. He’s also not good enough to win a Super Bowl. And, despite the blather that’s filling the airways, nobody knows how good Kevin Kolb could have been.

Thanks to Andy Reid, we’ll likely never know how good he could have been. The suddenly popular defense of the decision to bench Kolb because of the porous offensive line is ridiculous. This was just another bad decision by a coach with no plan.

I have no feel for the game against Jacksonville this week. I feel confident the Eagles will win more games this year with Vick at quarterback instead of Kolb. I guarantee they won’t win a Super Bowl with Vick, and that nobody knows what could have happened over the years with Kolb at quarterback.

Picks. Another tough week at 1-2. I don’t think I’ve ever been better in college picks than NFL picks, but that’s the case so far this season. My NFL pick is a bit tentative as I write on Thursday, so if you are actually following my picks, check back Sunday morning for possible updates. Here are my picks this week:

Alabama -7 over Arkansas (15pts. to win 14.29)
Penn State -14 over Temple (10pts. to win 9.52)
Pittsburgh -2.5 over Tampa Bay (10pts. to win 8.70)


• It’s absolutely amazing the way this Phillies team “turns it on” in September. The phrase is usually just a cliché, but it happens year after year with this team. They just won 10 games straight entering play Friday, and swatted away the Braves effort to win the NL East like a pesky nat.

• is not off to a good start. When a fan criticized Stephen A. Smith on Facebook for his latest attempt to snuggle up to an athlete by suggesting that Michael Vick be applauded for his “professionalism,” the administrator for their page replied, “Thanks for your jibber jabber.” So much for professionalism. Good to see sports journalism is in good hands.

• Speaking of professionalism, this tidbit was all over the news for a day, “The man behind the Ohio University Bobcat who wrestled Ohio State’s Brutus to the ground says he tried out for the mascot job with the goal of tackling the Buckeye.” When did being a loser become cool?

• So yet another kid ran onto the field at a Phillies game. I repeat, when did being a loser become cool?

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