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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eagles Reverse Stance, Will Start Vick

The Philadelphia Eagles have made the absolutely ridiculous decision to make Michael Vick their starting quarterback.

“Yeah, absolutely, yeah,” Andy Reid said when asked if he thought the team could win the Super Bowl this year with Vick.

He’s either lying or flat out stupid.

Vick has never done a damn thing to suggest that he can lead any team to a championship, and there’s not a chance in the world he’ll hoist the Lombardi Trophy with the Eagles.

According to Yahoo! Sports, he’s 2-2 in the playoffs – not counting last season’s loss with the Eagles – ironically losing both games to the Eagles. Of course, his last playoff game (and season at quarterback) was in 2006. He has a career 54 passing percentage, and is known as a running quarterback.

I spent yesterday’s post explaining how asinine it would be to turn the franchise over to Vick. Now that the utterly stupid has occurred, the truly scary part is how dumb Reid looks in this decision.

He anointed Kevin Kolb the starting quarterback on Easter Sunday by trading away Donovan McNabb. He had drafted Kolb with the team’s highest draft pick in 2007, knowing it would ruffle the sensitive McNabb’s feathers, and had Kolb sit for three years. He brought in Vick two summers ago, further muddying the quarterback picture, and hardly used him. Reid insisted almost daily since Easter that Kolb is the starting quarterback, including yesterday, going so far as to rip up Kolb’s contract and give him more money.

And it’s all been erased based on a half of football by Kolb. Oh, and a half of catch-up football and a game against the drek of the league by Vick.

It’s absurd.

It also changes the dynamic of bringing in Vick on to this team after he served jail time for his involvement in a dog fighting operation. He’s no longer the bit player Jeff Lurie wants to give a chance to get his life together.

Michael Vick is now the face of the Eagles franchise.

Fair or not, it’s going to heighten the anger of those who thought he never should have been here in the first place. Quite frankly, I never had a problem with it on that level, but I am definitely a little less comfortable with it having had just a short time to digest the news.

I’m even less comfortable with Andy Reid coaching the Eagles, and I haven’t been enamored with that for quite a while.

Reid insists that this is his decision. It should also be his ticket out of a job as the Eagles coach.

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