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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stephen A. Smith Gone from the Inquirer

In case you missed it, and I certainly did, Stephen A. Smith is no longer disgracing the pages of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Teasing his appearance this afternoon, 97.5 The Fanatic personalities mentioned the fact that Philadelphia readers no longer will have to tolerate Smith’s ridiculous columns.

The power of Rob Q. Ink?

Ok, maybe not. I called for the New York wannabee to be bounced from the newspaper back in May. Sadly, it seems Smith’s departure wasn’t the firing he worked so hard to earn, or maybe it was the firing he earned by doing anything but working. Kissing the ass of every athlete in his vicinity or mindlessly ripping the city doesn’t equate to journalism.

Unbelievably, is reporting that he may actually be looking to return to late night television. Apparently, if you recall his laughable show on ESPN, one train wreck wasn’t enough.

This is a man that just called Lebron James’ planned ESPN special announcing where he will be signing as a NBA free agent “brilliant” in his radio appearance. I’ll have my say on that sham tomorrow or Friday, but even employees of the network are ripping the move. No more evidence is needed to prove Smith’s complete insincerity in covering the athletes he so desperately wants to rub elbows with.

Luckily, the Inquirer will no longer be calling what Smith does journalism. Philadelphia can celebrate Smith’s departure – regardless of the reasons we’ve been liberated from his moronic ramblings.

1 comment:

Jay Ballz said...

I am not looking forward to the Lebron show. It's nothing I can't get and be just as surprised by if I hear a sports update before or after a commercial on any sports station nationwide tomorrow and the next day.