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Friday, April 16, 2010

Jordan Firing Needed More Eds; NBA Playoff Picks

Believe it or not, they still have professional basketball. Like me, you may not have noticed living in the Philadelphia area. Yesterday’s firing of Sixers’ head coach Eddie Jordan was only noteworthy for the fact that Ed Stefanski wasn’t ousted with him. I called this firing the day Jordan was hired. What this organization really needed a 3-Ed sweep yesterday with Ed Snider being shown the door by Comcast as well.

I guess Comcast is too busy finding ways to put the Phillies on TCN, formerly CN8, to tick off Verizon customers. I’m still waiting for the Facebook group called Stop Putting the Phillies on TCN, but that’s probably too close to being semi-useful.

With little knowledge of the current NBA season, I still find the playoffs the easiest thing to predict in sports. So, here are my official picks for round one:

Cavs over the Bulls
Hawks over the Bucks
Celtics over the Heat
Lakers over the Thunder
Suns over the Blazers
Magic over the Bobcats

I would parlay the first five for 50 points to win 64.75. All 6 are locks but I couldn’t find what a series parlay would be.

I’m also picking the Lakers to win the championship for 100 points to win 175.

Let’s get some of those football points back!

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