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Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV Pick: Colts -5 over the Saints

The end of a long, amazingly mediocre year of NFL picks concludes with Super Bowl XLIV. I’m under .500 on the football season, and I have never hit the Super Bowl. But as Tony Bruno of the Tony Bruno and Harry Mayes Show might say, this is the year, baby. Bet the house. It’s time to get even.

Take the Indianapolis Colts -5 points to beat the New Orleans Saints.

Of course, if you lose the house based on this recommendation, 1-800-GAMBLER is the number for you.

Bruno’s laugh might actually make this semi-funny, but I really don’t have any deep analysis. In fact, while I believe the two best teams are playing, this game doesn’t excite me all that much. (For the record, I believe Bruno and Mayes took the Saints plus the points.)

Maybe it’s the fact that these two dome teams are suddenly playing outdoors. Maybe the thought of watching Peyton Manning point at defenders while calling plays as we hear what a genius he is doesn’t thrill me. I’ve also been wondering why the Super Bowl is back in Miami. Wasn’t it just there? And wasn’t that game a rainy mess? Isn’t part of the allure of watching the Super Bowl seeing all the celebs living the Hollywood lifestyle most people wish they had?

Oh, well, get even on the season with the Colts!

Anyway, here’s a few other thoughts:
• Anyone that thinks Donovan McNabb’s ridiculous performance in the Pro Bowl is completely irrelevant, just remember that defense is merely a rumor at these games.
• There’s a report out that Kevin Kolb will be the quarterback that is NOT back for the Eagles next season. If true, I will be 100% convinced this organization absolutely cares nothing about winning. In a situation where three viable quarterbacks are on the roster, the plan is to jettison the youngest, most accurate passer, and keep the a) guy with a long history of injuries and failure and b) the guy who couldn’t get on the field last year. Stunningly stupid.
• Finally, if the NFL manages to have a lock out in 2011, I sincerely hope an upstart league takes its place. In this putrid economy especially, I’ve already heard more than enough of both sides crying poor. The new union leader sounds like a dope trying to make NFL players seek like work-a-day guys, and the NFL claim that franchises are losing money is equally absurd.

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