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Friday, January 22, 2010

A Rant on Late Night, Biggest Loser, Iverson as an All-Star, and more; AFC/NFC Championship Game Picks

I've been a bit morose since last week's picks went down the hopper faster than Conan O'Brien on The Tonight Show. So, it's time for a rant session followed by picks on the NFL Conference Finals, which should promptly be ignored:

• If people are actually gathering into groups to protest Conan O'Brien's "firing," we can all stop wondering how brainless society will get - we've hit rock bottom. The fact that we care about the movements of anybody dubbed a celebrity is bad enough. But we're so devoid of meaning in our lives that we're now protesting in support of millionaires because they weren't good enough to keep their job. This is what happens when the soccer mom "no one ever fails no matter what" mentality combines with the American Idol craze of caring about anyone that ever graces the television screen.

• Stupidity aside, isn't it ironic that O'Brien finally became funny after he knew he was getting the boot? (By the way Alanis Morissette fans, this is actually irony.) I loved Wednesday night's bit with the most expensive car in the world and the song with the most expensive fee to play on the air. Of course it's only funny because he was playing out the dream of many - screwing the boss who is about to fire you. It's not quite the same for O'Brien, though. Despite his supporters crying foul, 40 million bucks to walk away isn't bad.

• I know it's politically incorrect to say anything that could be even perceived as negative about the Haiti earthquake, but I'm a bit sick of the media urging me to reach into my pocket. It's a tragedy, no doubt. But the fact is that networks are now using it to create ratings-grabbing specials and second-tier celebrities are using it to get their name in the news. Most of what airs is nothing more than the typical hot story disguised as humanitarianism. If you don't believe that, feel free to explain why the Conan / Jay Leno story was usually the next story after the earthquake on the news.

• Anyone still want to defend the Eagles after the Cowboys, who ended the Eagles' season with back-to-back drubbings, were crushed by the Vikings? Moronic Dallas Cowboy fans aside, Tony Romo was once again exposed as a fraud against the Vikings. Andy Reid should be embarrassed that he still has a job after being out coached by Wade Phillips.

Biggest Loser is back, and I'll admit I get caught up in it if I flip to it. Yet, I can't get passed the idea that we're essentially celebrating people who are so lazy they've gotten obese, and they're rewarded by being sent to a campus with expert trainers and nutritionists. Why? Then of course there's the degrading challenges or whatever they're called, and at the end of every episode one of the people who supposedly needs the help of this show is sent home. It's almost as disgraceful as what I hear about the low-life people on Jersey Shore.

• I keep seeing a Facebook suggestion for a group about getting the Phillies to keep the HK patch on their uniforms. I realize there's a Facebook group for every stupid thing in the world now, but I will never comprehend the Philadelphia mentality that says we never, ever let go of anything. Kalas was great, and he was honored. That's it. Move on. Besides that it's just an asinine idea. Who wants the reminder of the man's death as a permanent part of the uniform? When do we move on? Enough.

• Speaking of stupid, the fans have voted Allen Iverson as a starter to the All-Star Game. The Sixers have become as irrelevant as the Kixx, and Iverson is basically done. I assume Iverson has to go, so I can't rip him. But this is just another sign that this game and league is becoming a joke. It's not a huge deal because it's a meaningless game that isn't even fun to watch anymore. However, it's just pathetic that there aren't two guards in the Eastern Conference exciting enough that fans would want to see over Iverson.

Picks. Well, the points experiment hit rock bottom after Dallas was exposed and Norv Turner's team coughed up another season. This week I hesitantly take New Orleans -3.5 and Indianapolis -7.5. I'd go 25 points apiece if I had any left.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mdefl posting,

Rob, I have continued to read. I just have not commented much.

I agree on your view of Haiti. My heart bleeds for these people however the exploitation in the name of ratings is unseemly.

My wife's church had a mission in Haiti prior to the earthquake so we have been able to give directly through that channel. I honestly don't trust the other channels due to the horrendous corrution that exists in Haiti.