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Monday, January 11, 2010

ESPN Analysts Continue to be Clueless on McNabb

Normally the guys on ESPN aren't worth mentioning. But I've now heard not 1, not 2, but 3 so-called football analysts from ESPN's moronic NFL Countdown on local radio rip Eagles fans for criticizing Donovan McNabb. I realize the show and the network have lost all credibility, but hearing three of these idiots in a fairly short timeframe from late last week through Monday say the same dumb thing gets annoying.

Cris Carter started off with his bluster calling Mike Missanelli a fan because he questioned McNabb. To translate, which is often necessary to decipher his points which are wedged in through his self-adulation and "brother-in-lawing," Carter was attempting to suggest Missanelli wasn't being analytical enough. Rather ironic for a guy that goes on TV every week and spits out bullet points handed to him by a producer and thinks that if he says them loudly enough he'll sound authoritative. He doesn't.

Then the Keyshawn Johnson, now completely over-rated as a former player, criticized the fans directly for not appreciating McNabb. He said fans should "get over it" when discussing the fact that McNabb has never won a Super Bowl. Nothing like the in-depth analysis offered by the former possession receiver known for his big mouth and little else. Of course, Johnson is another guy, like Carter, who never won a damn thing in the NFL and thinks his job as analyst is to ingratiate himself to every half-decent player. Then again, he does work at ESPN, so that may actually be his job description.

Normally, Tom Jackson would be next in line with the other two stooges, but I guess he was too busy doing Chris Berman's laundry to do Philadelphia radio. The way he cackles or mmm-hmms every word Berman says is disgusting. Let's just say, even as a white guy, I'm embarrassed for him.

Finally, Mike Ditka, the only guy who actually earned a Super Bowl ring - in fact, three of them - in the foursome of analysts on that show, chimed in Monday morning. He was poetic, suggesting Eagles fans needed a "check-up, from the neck up" for their opinion on McNabb. Brilliant stuff. Of course, "Iron Mike" was short on details as to why.

The most ironic thing about all of this is that these guys, including Berman and his lap dog "Tommy" Tom Jackson, incessantly talk in clich├ęs about leadership, coming up with the big play, winning the big game, and on and on. All of the qualities every Eagles fan would love Donovan McNabb to have had in his career.

Maybe someday Boom, Key, Tommy, Coach, and Cris will pay attention long enough to realize Donovan McNabb doesn't have a Super Bowl ring. Sadly, only Ditka might realize that means something in the NFL.

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