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Monday, January 11, 2010

Eagles Insanity Continues

Two days after the Eagles season ended the way every other season in the Andy Reid era has ended -- with a loss and an assurance that Donovan McNabb will be back at quarterback next season -- I still can't come up with anything approaching outrage. The state of the "gold standard" franchise has literally become laughable.

McNabb once again proved he is simply incapable of handling a big game. From his ridiculous air guitar antics on the way out of the tunnel once he noticed the camera was on him, to a second straight week in which he couldn't put a point on the board during the meaningful portion of the game, the man is just not a championship quarterback.

None of that is news, of course. Neither is the fact that Reid is completely incapable of making adjustments during a game. But apparently six days isn't enough time for Reid to make any adjustments either. Getting destroyed by 24 and 20 points in back-to-back weeks by the Dallas Cowboys - once for the division championship, once in the playoffs - is the worst condemnation of an Eagles coach imaginable.

Michael Vick came into the game and threw a touchdown pass on his first attempt. He was in jail this time last year, and he has the ability to step onto a big stage and complete a pass on his first attempt. Yet somehow he only got to throw one more pass the entire game.

I realize the touchdown was more about run after the catch than the pass, but McNabb simply would not have the ability to step in to a game cold and hit a receiver. And, yes, Vick later fumbled, but to essentially shelve him after he throws the first touchdown pass to tie a game that the Eagles were lucky to still be in was ridiculous.

Then again, the way Vick was used throughout the season was fairly absurd. In fact, the lack of scrutiny that this ownership is using with Reid may be the most mind boggling part of this entire scenario.

Last year Joe Banner essentially pointed out that the Eagles were the definition of insanity in doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. Yet, he turned around and gave Reid an extension in a year that the team won just once against a team that had a record above .500 - and that was the 9-7 Atlanta Falcons playing without Matt Ryan.

And now Reid is saying McNabb will be back next year, meaning drafting Kevin Kolb will have been an undeniable waste of time as he - along with Vick and McNabb - enters the last year his contract without ever having had a chance to play.

Now that the Eagles' team president knows the definition of insanity, maybe someone will explain to Banner that "doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result" is a bad thing.

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