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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Debacle in Dallas

I was almost excited about today's Eagles game against the Cowboys. Into my fourth decade of hating the Cowboys, it was difficult to completely ignore a Birds' game in Big D for the NFC East crown and the second seed in the playoffs.

Unfortunately, it seemed quite easy for the Eagles to ignore, as they were thumped 24-0.

For their troubles, or lack thereof, the Eagles get to do it all over again Saturday night.

If (when?) the Eagles finish this season with two straight losses in Dallas, I will hope and pray that Jeff Lurie takes Andy Reid at his word that it's all his fault.

Actually, I won't pray because I hope God has better things to worry about. I won't really hope either, because Lurie does what he does, which is to say value stability and the fantasy of being the gold standard of the NFL.

But once all of the specifics of this game are dispensed with, the fact is that this team came into what was the biggest game of the season on a 6-game winning streak (if my count is correct) and got their ass kicked.

Does Wade Phillips conjure up visions of Vince Lombardi for anyone? I'm asking because his team just took apart Reid's Eagles. The Birds' record setting offense for the franchise was shutout. Of course, Donovan McNabb deserves a lot of the credit, but ultimately this was an indictment of Reid.

Tony Romo scare anybody? Ok, some morons will say he's great, but this guy is the most over-rated quarterback I've ever seen. He seems more comfortable playing secretary in his ESPN commercial than he does over center. Troy Aikman couldn't even believe the Eagles weren't blitzing the hell out him, yet it apparently never occurred to Eagles defensive coordinator Sean McDermott.

The good news is that beating a team twice in six days is pretty damn difficult. So, Reid gets to prove that this was a mirage in six days.

I'm just asking: what if it happens again?

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