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Friday, December 11, 2009

Reid’s Extension; Week 14 Picks

Readers of this blog already know I’m not a big fan of Andy Reid, so I won’t belabor the obvious that I think giving him a contract extension was a mistake. I heard something about Jeffrey Lurie and Joe Banner prattling on about Reid having the characteristics of a Super Bowl winning coach.

I’m so sick of these two little geeks I almost can’t root for this team any more. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing what Reid can do with a quarterback that can run the west coast offense, just like I wouldn’t mind seeing what Donovan McNabb can do with a coach that realizes a running game is important in the NFL.

But enough with Banner and Lurie acting like they can figure out who is and isn’t a “Super Bowl coach” based on their study of coaches who have won it before. It’s so utterly stupid, I can’t believe they say it out loud.

It’s almost as dumb as Reid’s supporters talking about how he’s the most successful coach in franchise history. If your franchise history sucks, being the best part it is nothing to brag about.

Reid’s extension makes one thing clear: Lurie and Banner value stability over winning.

Picks. Short and sweet on the picks for Week 14 – San Diego +3, Green Bay –3, Philadelphia +1. I’m down to 39.05 points in my experiment, so I’ll put 10 on each game.

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