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Friday, December 4, 2009

Iverson Returns; Week 13 Picks; Tiger Overload

The reaction to the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers bringing back Allen Iverson has been nothing short of mind boggling to me -- from all sides. I actually heard Iverson is going to start. I saw footage of fans lining up to buy tickets. And Iverson's tearful press conference topped off the oddities.

Now all we need is Ed Snider to give his new point guard a hug, but he's busy firing yet another Flyers coach. Keep the pink slips handy, Ed. I figure Eddie Jordan is about two months from the axe.

I was a big Iverson fan the first time he was here. I even think his emotion at the press conference was genuine. But unless I missed the trip back to the turn of the century, this is the dumbest move in years -- and we're talkin' about the Sixers. Dumb moves aren't exactly a rarity.

Iverson is not the answer to what ails this team. He's never adjusted his game to accommodate his aging body. If he could score like he used to, he would have latched on with a team that has a chance to win. And the notion that he's going to mentor the younger players on this ridiculously bad team is a joke.

Unless we're about to revisit the year of Johnny Davis letting him run wild, which would be more fun than watching Jordan's Princeton offense, this nothing more than a blatant attempt to sell tickets. The fact that it seems like be working is a little scary.

Week 13 Picks. I was back to horrible last week with a goose egg, going 0-4 for -50 points dropping me to -53.44 since Week 10 from 100 for 46.56. Hopefully this is the "good" week on the seesaw. Here's my picks:

Den -5 over KC (20pts. to win 19.05)
NE -4 over Miami (20pts. to win 19.05)
Florida -5.5 over Alabama (6.56pts. to win 6.24) (What can I say? I like even numbers.)

Eagles. I don't like the Eagles as a pick, but with Matt Ryan out for the Falcons I think they'll get the W. However, with DeSean Jackson and Brian Westbrook out, injuries may be a wash.

Tiger. Technology has got to advance to the point where I can turn off the endless scroll on ESPN. I could not possibly care less about one more update on Tiger Woods having a one car accident. The police don't even care anymore. To see it pop up every few minutes during Monday Night Football was just absurd.

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Jay Ballz said...

Definitely excited to see Iverson return!