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Friday, January 1, 2010

College Football Bowl Picks for the 2009 Season

As College Football Bowl Season kicks into gear, I'll be posting my picks in this post through to the BCS title game. I won't be picking every game, just those I'm delusional enough to think I have a feel on. For the record, I was a putrid 3-13 in college picks this year, so picking against me may be brilliant strategy.

The date of this post may change as I go along to keep the latest post on the blog at the top, but I'm guessing my record will make it clear each pick will certainly be posted prior to kickoff. Feel free to play along in the comments section.

12/19: Rutgers -3 (5pts. to win 4.76; if you're new to the blog, I started weighting picks since Week 10 of the NFL season, and I'm at -24.88 since week 10 from 100 for 75.12 points. See yesterday's post for Week 15 picks.)

12/22: OrSt -2.5 (10/9.09)

12/26: Pitt -1.5 (5/4.76)

12/28: UCLA -4.5 (5/4.76)

New Year's Day Bowls
LSU -1 (5/4.76)
WVU -3 (5/4.76)
Ore -4.5 (5/4.76)
CincinnatiU +13 (5/4.76)

1/5: Iowa +165 (20/33)

1/7: Alabama -4.5 (20/18.18)

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