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Friday, October 30, 2009

Week 8 Picks

I like Halloween as much as the average person, I suppose. I don’t get nuts or anything, but a good scary movie is cool around this time of year. So, I gave myself a real scare, and figured out my record so far this year with football and baseball playoff picks. I’m a frieghtening 9-12 in the NFL, 3-6 in college for an overall 12-18 in football. A 5-1 baseball record pulls me up to 17-19. The last four weeks offers some hope at 16-10 overall. I’m still working on figuring out my record from previous years, but my record keeping left a lot to be desired.

Last week was a disappointing 2-3 after back-to-back winning weeks. Here’s my Week 8 picks:

New York Giants –1 over the Eagles
Denver +3 over Baltimore
Minnesota +3 over Green Bay
Atlanta +10 over New Orleans
West Virginia –3 over South Florida
USC –3 over Oregon

If you’re taking my advice, God help you. And, as Jody McDonald says, you get what you pay for and . . . how much did you pay for these?

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