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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Five Weeks of the NFL

After five weeks of the NFL season, there are some things I think I know, some things I’m still figuring out, and some things I’m baffled by.

· It’s almost become the newest cliché, but I don’t think we know anything about the Eagles yet this season. When was the last time anybody felt that way after 4 games? They’re 3-1, having lost to one seemingly good team (New Orleans) and beaten a bunch of drek (Kansas City, Tampa Bay, and Carolina). With the Raiders on the horizon this week followed by Washington, the trend isn’t about to change.
· I’m not ready to call the Michael Vick experiment a failure, but it’s certainly not going well. I’ll admit I’m watching more and more of the NFL in general as opposed to the Eagles, and that will likely only continue now that I got the RedZone, but I haven’t seen anything all that valuable from the Eagles version of the “Wildcat.” Maybe when the JV portion of the schedule ends that will change.
· On the other end of the “Wildcat” spectrum sits the Miami Dolphins. I wasn’t believing in that offense until Monday night. After they ran all over the Indianapolis Colts and lost, I figured it was a gimmick to hide a bad team. But after their offense took apart the vaunted Jets “D,” they may have eliminated the gimmick label.
· Don’t buy into Denver just yet. Besides the Patriots they have beaten Cincinnati, Cleveland, Oakland, and an overrated Dallas team.
· New England is probably as much a mystery as the Eagles. The NFL is doing everything it can to put a dress on Tom Brady, but they can’t take a year of rust off him. They’ve beaten the Jets and Broncos, and probably won’t have a definite challenge again until they play the Colts in mid-November.
· The Buffalo Bills only lost to the Patriots because of a bonehead special teams play in Week #1, yet they are now 1-3 with a loss to Cleveland. I really can’t figure that out, but I think it has to point to a lack the heart and bad coaching. If the talent was as bad as a 6-3 loss to the Browns suggest, there’s no way they compete with the Patriots, even in a year – or at least a month – when they look like their having a down year.
· Despite getting a win last weekend against a bad Kansas City squad, Dallas does not look like a good team. Yes, they had some key injuries, but if Tony Romo . . . known as Tony “OhNo” to a Facebook friend, a name I truly hope catches on . . . played anywhere but Dallas he’d be a blip on the media radar. He stinks, and may not even be an NFL caliber quarterback. I hope dem Cowboys keep lovin’ him up for a long time!
· I have no stake in whether or not anyone ever buys the RedZone, but if anyone is looking for a review – it’s just awesome. My only fear is that they will jack up the price next year. I’ve only seen DirecTV’s “Ticket” twice, and I think the RedZone crushes it if you’re looking to follow every game.

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