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Monday, October 19, 2009

Clear Differences Between Eagles, Phillies

The difference between the Philles and the Eagles was never clearer than it was last night. One franchise is chasing a second straight title; the other talks like it wins titles but never does.

One has Cliff Lee; one has Donovan McNabb.

One throws the ball incessantly because the coach has decided he can re-invent the game despite a decade of evidence to the contrary and talent that better fits a conventional system. The other has built a team around its ballpark and the talent it has developed.

The Eagles are eager to resign a coach who despite a lucky run to the NFC title game last year has shown signs of failing since his one Super Bowl appearance. The Phillies made sure Charlie Manuel was the right guy before giving him a contract extension.

One has Ryan Howard, a guy being mentioned in serious tones with Babe Ruth. One has, well, no one even worthy of mention in this paragraph.

The Phillies look like they will be sending the Dodgers back to Los Angeles alone as Ryan Howard and company head to the World Series.

The Eagles look like they would be home for the holidays (or playing out the string by then).

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