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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2009 MLB Playoff Predictions

With the Major League Baseball playoffs finally set now that the Minnesota Twins survived the tie-breaker against the Detroit Tigers, it’s time to make some predictions for the playoffs. It’s amazing how people mock betting baseball – not that I’m condoning such activity unless of course you live in Las Vegas – but it’s often easier to predict than football. (No doubt I just guaranteed that I’ll crash and burn.)

Even if they had a shot against the New York Yankees, Minnesota was screwed baseball’s schedule makers. Less than 24 hours after winning the tie-breaker in extra innings, they get to open their playoff in Yankee Stadium. Don’t feel too bad, they weren’t winning this series anyway. I don’t think they would have won a single game either, and I find it very doubtful now. The odds will be huge, so it may be worth taking odds on a sweep. But certainly take the Bronx Bombers.

Red Sox nation has Boston as a favorite against the Los Angeles Angels. No chance the Sox are winning. Take the Angels.

The other team in la la land is also going down. I believe Randy Wolf is opening the series for the Dodgers against Chris Carpenter for the St. Louis Cardinals. Enough said. Cardinals win the series easy. It’s a potential sweep, but don’t get greedy. Just take the Cardinals.

And finally the Phillies are looking to avenge the sweep by the Colorado Rockies of a couple years ago. They catch a huge break with Jorge De La Rosa going down with injury. This may be a homer pick, but I think the Phils eke out the series win.

Hate to say it because I’ve enjoyed the Phillies run as much as anyone, but the Angels-Yankees series is probably going to be the true World Series. I think the Yanks will have just a little too much and win it.

I reserve the right to change this pick because I still have hope that the Phillies bullpen is going to pull it together in time to win this series. But it hasn’t happened all year, and I didn’t realistically see it happening now. The Cardinals pitching will be too much. The run ends short of a repeat. Hope I’m wrong but I was taught not to bet with my heart. Cardinals win it.

It might not be all bad, Phillies fans. I just don’t see anybody taking down the Yankees in the World Series. Besides, it’s in November! What is that? And baseball is starved to have Joe Buck wax poetic about the Yankees finally winning again. Please! But, sadly, the Yankees are my pick to be the World Series champions.

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