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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eagles Sign Vick

My first thought was “why?” Why would the Philadelphia Eagles sign Michael Vick?

This is a team that jettisoned Terrell Owens, possibly the best receiver in the National Football League at the time, because he was too much of a distraction. It’s an organization that seems to run from players that bring even the remotest hint of controversy since that fiasco. They incessantly talk about signing character guys. Now they have brought in a guy who is coming off a jail term for involvement in a dog fighting ring. Vick arriving in Philadelphia could easily make T.O.’s time as an Eagle look dull.

They have likely surrendered their season to controversy, a season that they said they believed was about making a Super Bowl run.

On the field, it actually makes sense to me. Vick is clearly being signed to play the now popular “Wildcat” formation. He’s not here to compete with Donovan McNabb at quarterback. It doesn’t change the fact that if McNabb goes down with an injury, the season is basically over whether Vick, Kevin Kolb, or A.J. Feeley plays quarterback. I also have to assume this is the most salary cap friendly contract ever created by a team.

If it works, great. If it doesn’t, it won’t hurt the team’s cap situation (I have to assume).

But the odds are still very high, I would think, that Vick doesn’t have enough physically to be effective after so much inactivity.

So the question remained – why?

For once, Reid answered such a question very clearly after tonight’s exhibition game. He clearly intimidated that his sons’ legal problems in recent years made him want to give Vick a second chance.

I have to respect Reid for that, though I’m quite sure many will not. I’m not supporting or condemning the move based on moral grounds. I’m not really sure how I feel about it. But I respect Reid’s reasons. Vick did serve his time and should be allowed to move on with his life. Otherwise the idea of “serving your time“ doesn’t exist. What Vick did was horrendous, but people who have done worse have been allowed to move on.

If nothing else, it will be a circus.


Anonymous said...


I pretty much agree with your post. The difference between Vick and TO is that Vick has been humbled. He lost 2 years and $130 million and had to ask to use the toilet. I believe in second chances. He should be given a shot.

I feel bad for all the 1 time felons (except child molestors, rapists and murderers - screw them) who have no shot at ever living a normal life because they made a mistake. I really believe a person should not be stigmatized (excepting the above) if they serve their time and don't commit a crime again.

Good post.


Patrick @ Caregivingly Yours said...

If it is just about football, let's face it a backfield of McNabb, Vick, and Westbrook is more than a Wildcat, its a defensive nightmare.

If it is about morality and role models it gets complicated. Too many young people with too much money too fast seemed to have missed some important lessons long before football.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick