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Friday, May 29, 2009

Sixers Disappoint; Hire Eddie Jordan

Ed Stefanski might as well have done this on his first day as the Sixers general manager. I just heard Comcast SportsNet report that Eddie Jordan has been given a 3-year contract to be the Sixers new head coach.


Jordan might do a great job, but this is the typical “hire who you know” move the NBA produces time after time. He previously worked with Stefanski in New Jersey.

I wrote this before, but according to Wikipedia Jordan has a .444 winning percentage. His coaching career highlight is getting the Washington Wizards to the playoffs pretty regularly. That’s a decent feat in the National Basketball Association, but nothing to do cartwheels over. Again, his relationship with Ed Stefanski seems to be his main qualification.

I haven’t understood the love affair Stefanski has enjoyed with the media since he got here. His one big move, besides what now amounts to firing Mo Cheeks to bring in his buddy, was shelved when Elton Brand went out for the season.

I can’t imagine Eddie Jordan making any of the Sixers players take notice that they need to really shape up, especially with a 3-year deal. Nor does he make any free agents think any more about coming to Philadelphia.

I hope I’m wrong, but I feel confident saying that the Sixers have done little to stop the relatively long string of coaches they’ve had by hiring Jordan.


Myers hurt. The Phillies rotation had enough question marks going into the week. While Brett Myers’ injury only exacerbates the situation, I think what it really will do is tell fans how much of a drop-off the club had in the general manager role. Pat Gillick was a master at the in-season move to fill gaps or upgrade positions. While new Phils GM Ruben Amaro Jr. did a nice job in the off-season, his reaction to Myers potentially being lost for the season could be the key to the entire season. None of the names from the minor leagues being discussed in the last couple days should excite anyone. I don’t like throwing names out there because fans can never know the “ins and outs” of trade talks. The bottom line is Amaro needs to go get a solid “number 2” pitcher.

NBA Playoffs. People are lovin’ up Lebron James after last night’s performance in the fourth quarter to keep the Cleveland Cavaliers from being eliminated 4-1 by the Orlando Magic. They were supposed to breeze past the Magic. Where’s the heat he should be taking? I’ve spent most of the series wondering what the hell they’re doing. That’s not all on “King” James, but despite the TNT analysts’ love fest, he’s had a big part in what could still be a major choke.

NBA Playoffs II. Anyone that wants to explain why the hell Kobe Bryant and James are “exhausted” every game, feel free. They are playing basketball every other day. I admit I can’t have any clue how it feels, but I’ve never heard anybody bitch this much about being tired in the NBA. If this is the result of NBA players in the Olympics, that should be ended today.

NBA Playoffs III. Finally, what’s the over/under on how many NBA, Disney, and Nike execs will need their shoelaces and belts taken away from them if they don’t get a Kobe-Lebron Finals match-up?

Kudos to Tarkenton. Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton ripped Brett Favre’s on again off again retirement:
“I think it’s despicable. What he put the Packers through last year was not good. Here’s an organization that was loyal to him for 17, 18 years, provided stability of organization, provided players. It just wasn’t about Brett Favre. In this day and time, we have glorified the Brett Favres of the world so much, they think it’s about them. He goes to New York and bombs. He’s 39 years old. How would you like Ray Nitschke in his last year (playing for) the Vikings, or I retire, and go play for the Packers? I kind of hope it happens, so he can fail.”

I cannot add a thing.

Spelling bee results on ESPN. This isn’t my usual ripping of ESPN, because other sports media outlets did it too. It’s utterly ridiculous that the National Spelling Bee results are covered in sports sections, websites, broadcasts, etc. By comparison, this makes poker on sports stations seem totally rational. (It’s not a sport, by the way. Neither are the X Games.)


Jay Ballz said...

weak choice. I am not feeling this at all.

Anonymous said...

Mdefl posting:

He should have hired Jordan when he fired Mo. Honestly, I don't think a large number of people actually care about the Sixers anymore.

Your absolutely right. The Phils really are going to have to make a trade for an established front line pitcher. The band aid approach will only hold for so long.

I also agree with you and Tarkenton. Madden may have to come out of retirement to take up Favre's case.

Again, agree on the spelling bee - wow, we are in total agreement on this post. Scary - I may have to re-examine some of my positions. Just kidding!