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Monday, December 8, 2008

Here We Go, Again

The Eagles are quickly becoming that movie on cable that you’ve seen a thousand times, know by heart, and yet you watch it every time your channel-surfing lands on it.

The Eagles were left for dead after they could only manage a tie against the Cincinnati Bengals. Now, after back-to-back wins, it seems like winning their final three games will be enough to get them into the playoffs. Sure, they need a little help, but the schedules suggest they will get it.


Yes, playoffs.

The Eagles went to New York and shocked the Giants yesterday. Andy Reid followed-up Thanksgiving night’s sensible play calling with more of the same. Donovan McNabb used his legs when he needed to, and he has dodged his greatest fear of being dubbed a running quarterback.

The obvious questions begged to be asked: Where was this play calling all season? Why can’t McNabb realize that there isn’t some asterisk on his career for running when necessary?

The temptation is to say, “Who cares? They’re winning.” Of course, the answer is we’ve seen this before and somehow we always end up back at the same questions about Reid and McNabb.

The last two weeks have been great. They also prove that Reid has potentially destroyed this and other seasons with his absurd obsession to pass.

Enjoy it for now. And I mean it – I’d rather see the Eagles in the playoffs, too. It’s fun. Playoff games are events. They’re a chance to head out with friends and watch the game. It’s something to talk about besides how bad the Sixers are.

But if (when?) next July rolls around and Reid and McNabb are headed to Lehigh, and all the same questions are being discussed . . . let’s hope the roller coaster ride was worth it.

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