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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eagles Ho-hum Win, Sixers Bounce Mo, Soul Suspended

Not much has motivated me to blog lately despite a decent amount of sports news. So, here’s a Cliff Notes version of what should have been posts:

• The Eagles win over the Cleveland Browns was a case of doing what you are supposed to do. The Browns stink. In reality this was a bad week for the Birds. All the wrong teams won, and now they have one last chance to catch the teams they are chasing for the playoffs.

• Mo Cheeks got hosed. What, exactly, is Ed Stefanski doing? The Sixers go on a major tear last season by running, he brings in Elton Brand and ignores the need for a pure shooter, and blames Cheeks for a slow start? Weak. Tony DiLeo may be a great guy, but bringing in the assistant general manager to coach hints at a total panic move.

• It figures. The Soul win the Arena Bowl and the league is forced to suspend operations the following year. It was a great game to find on some obscure cable station flipping around on a boring night; they should have left it at that. And, it’s one more reason to praise the Phillies. Could you imagine the comments if the championship drought was still alive, and our one title led to this?

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