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Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Comcast Swindle

While Comcast spends millions on advertisements meant to convince us all that competition is just unfair, they’ve apparently decided to start charging customers for putting their services back on when Comcast’s own errors cause it to go off.

As my computer slowed to a crawl, even when I wasn’t surfing the web, I reluctantly contacted Comcast technical support. This would be the same technical support that came to the house after I purchased their online service because it wasn’t working and told me my computer was too old to use the service. This is the same computer I’m still using four years later. A techy friend of the family came over and fixed the problem literally within minutes. Comcast’s wire from the modem to the computer didn’t work.

It was the first thing the family friend checked.

These are the same people who have owned the Flyers and the Sixers for over a decade.

So Comcast repair once again came to the house . . . and did nothing. The repairman fixed absolutely nothing inside the house. He even tried telling me it was a problem with my computer – their favorite theme, apparently – which I explained was wrong since the minute I unplugged the modem the problem vanished. Then the guy said he was going outside to check the main connection into the neighborhood. He never came back, but the problem hasn't returned. The issue was obviously Comcast’s connection outside.

My next monthly bill had a service fee.

If this isn’t like billing us to put the cable back on after it went out, I don’t know what is.

When we first called about the issue their so-called customer service people were incredibly rude and barley spoke English. So, I tried their chat forum, and they actually agreed to remove the charge. Then they simply didn’t do it. A second chat brought out their classic arrogance. “I see” and “I understand” were the favorite lines on the script handed out to their customer service lackeys. Sadly, the script couldn’t help them demonstrate any actual comprehension of anything, including why the charged was removed but not removed. This time they refused to remove it.

I guess it’s like how Ed Snider talks about winning, but never really does.

Comcast will get my money until I can switch to Verizon, if they’re ever allowed to provide service in my area. And this post will be little more than some customer venting about the corporate giants.

That suddenly reminds me of being a sports fan. Unfortunately, there is no real alternative to the Sixers or Flyers.

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