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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NFL Thanksgiving Tradition of Bad Football Needs to Go

I’m all for traditions. I look to nurture them in my own ways, which is pretty difficult as a single guy with no children.

But is the NFL kidding? Here’s your offering for Thanksgiving Day:
Cardinals vs. Eagles
Seahawks vs. Cowboys
Titans vs. Lions

What, the Bengals were busy?

Regardless of how the “tradition” of Dallas and Detroit playing every Thanksgiving started, it’s time to end it. I even get the TV-created notion in years gone by of Dallas being “America’s team” – you know, the nationwide excuse front-runners all over the country clung to in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

But Detroit? When’s the last time they were good for an extended period? Besides fantasy guys that wanted to watch Barry Sanders for a decade, what was enticing about them?

I can’t even give the NFL credit for adding a third game. Yes, it’s generally the best game, but we’re only getting to watch it this year because it’s the Eagles and we’re still allowed to watch the home team for free . . . for now. It’s on the NFL Network, so most people either miss it or bend over once more for cable and the NFL. It’s almost worse than having the Cowboys shoved down our throats.

Memo to Roger Goodell: Stop meeting about Adam “Pacman” Jones, and fix scheduling for Thanksgiving. While you’re at it, a little flex scheduling for Monday night would be nice.

Yes, I get that moving a game from Sunday to Monday creates more complications, especially for fans, than moving it from afternoon to prime-time. But they need to do something to avoid the number of prime-time duds airing.

They can start with Thanksgiving.

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