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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Palin on Ice

What exactly was the point of having Sarah Palin drop the ceremonial first puck at the Flyers’ opener? YouTube videos like the below make it seem like she was soundly booed, though various blogs suggest a mixed reaction. Watching it on Comcast, it seemed clear the organization realized it had made a mistake at the last minute, and cranked the music so loud that I couldn’t tell if there was much booing.

Back to the original question: Why do this? It was a train wreck waiting to happen. Reports are she was booed the first time she tried to mingle with the Philly sports crowd. Regardless of your politics, this was just dumb. Did Flyers chairman (or owner, or whatever Comcast lets him call himself) Ed Snider think this would make him look good to someone high up in the Republican party?
An ABC News blog reports, “On the jumbotron a warning message flashed, admonishing: ‘Flyers fans, show Philadelphia's class and welcome America's #1 hockey mom, Sarah Palin.’”

Nice try, Ed. This was weak. It practically set Philly up for yet another black-eye. Some are warranted; this one, if it does in fact become another excuse to bash Philly fans, is not. We’ve had this election jammed down our throats enough, and you should have known this wouldn’t fly. (No pun intended.)

If Ed was doing it for ratings, that may have back-fired, too. I’ve tried to care about non-playoff hockey and just can’t get into it. But I watched the Palin thing and the opening few minutes, planning to check back throughout the game. My first check-in was halfway through the first, and it was 4-0 Rangers. Four to zip in half a period of hockey? That was it for me. Apparently, the Flyers woke-up from there but lost 4-3.

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