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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Asterisk Allowed

As we all know, Game 5 of the World Series is on hold, suspended in the middle of the sixth inning. With talk radio getting calls about how Philadelphia was jobbed, I agree with Bud Selig suspending the game. It would have been nice if it was stopped before Tampa Bay tied the game 2-2, but there is no way in the world this game should have ended because it was an “official” game with the Phillies up 2-1. Philly hasn’t heard enough about the 25-year drought? We want a freakin’ asterisk at the end of it, so we could hear how it’s really still going on??? Yes, let’s win a World Series 4-1 AND HAVE TO HEAR HOW WE DIDN’T DESERVE IT! No, no, no way in hell.

The upside: The Phillies have an extra at bat, starting with the pitcher's spot (presumably a pinch hitter) followed by the top of the lineup and our bullpen is the best in baseball. Besides, doesn't this let Cole Hamels possibly pitch game 7 if God help us it gets to it?

Ricky Bottalico and Mitch Williams went nuts last night on Comcast, actually suggesting they should REVERT TO BEFORE THE TYING RUN SCORED. Yeah, that wouldn't be controversial.

The Phils are up 3-1. I admit it’s gut wrenching but the Phils have to win this without an asterisk.

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