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Monday, October 20, 2008

Cheap Shot Count

Driving home, I heard Mike Missanelli rip a Tampa reporter for yet another cheap reference to Philadelphia fans booing Santa Claus. Might be a different guy, but I googled Philadelphia + Claus to find this dope:

If the city of Tampa goes 25 years without a championship, the locals don't lose any sleep over it. There is no "700 level" in these parts. Nobody boos Santa Claus or cheers injuries to opposing players. Unlike Philadelphia, the morale of Tampa's citizens isn't closely associated with the ups and downs of the city's sports teams.

Might not be the same dummy, but the Cheap Shot Count is on. This is number two, after Michael Wilbon kicked it off.

10/21 UPDATE:
Cheap shot #3 has been located courtesy of Blinq. This genius writes for the St. Petersburg Times:

PHILADELPHIA is a large, historic U.S. city located in southern New Jersey.

William Penn, inventor of the tennis ball, was born in Philadelphia. The city also is the birthplace of Quaker Oats, grease-and-stale-bread sandwiches, and Legionnaire's disease. From the often-misspelled Schoolkill River to North Philadelphia, the city is filled with many charms.

I would quote more, but the side-splitting humor makes it too difficult to control the mouse.

Add your Cheap Shot finds in the comments.

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