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Thursday, May 31, 2007

No Need for Bryant

It never ceases to amaze me how fast Sixers “fans” want to gut their favorite team to get the latest petulant brat demanding a trade. Actually, it’s not true fans that are now salivating at the ridiculous notion that the Sixers could trade for Kobe Bryant. It’s merely the “cool guys” that catch Sportscenter once in a while to see that the Sixers lost, and offer a heartfelt, “Dude, they suck,” amidst other “cool guy” speak.

Yes, the Sixers have been pretty awful in the last couple decades aside from a few blips on the radar. But anyone actually watching them knows they finally rid themselves of a big part of the reason that they weren’t very good in the last 10 years, and were actually a playoff-caliber team in the second half of last season.

So, just because Bryant decided to announce through every NBA star’s favorite mouthpiece, Stephen A. Smith, that he needs to be burped by the Lakers, doesn’t make it time to “trade the whole roster” to get him. (By the way, when a columnist for your own network’s website takes a slap at you, shouldn’t you tone it down a bit?)

First of all, Bryant doesn’t want to be traded. He backed off his trade demand after Phil Jackson gave him a hug and asked if they could meditate together. The guy is all about image, and Los Angeles is the place to be for guys like him. All flash and no substance is enough to be a star in Hollywood, and the same traits for a Laker makes you a star on Sportcenter.

Those of you scoffing at me, please tell me what Bryant has won since Shaquille O’Neal left la la land. That’s right, boys and girls, notta. Anyone bringing up the MVP of the All-Star game can go stand in the corner. Every year one player needs a publicity boost, and is the only one who plays that over blown exhibition like it means something and wins it. Who cares?

The popular trade offer from Sixers fans and some writers (see above link) involves Andre Iguodala and the team’s three first round draft picks. That’s absurd! The Sixers would essentially be turning back the clock to the Allen Iverson era: no salary cap space, no supporting cast, and a so-called superstar with less of a clue than Iverson of how to win as the main guy.

No thanks.

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