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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Phils Win 2 of 3 . . . savoring the moment

Writing just after the Phillies have won their second game in three days, which included a triple-play and a complete game by Cole Hamels, I figured now was as good a time as any for my first Week-in-Review in a while. It could be months before the sports fan in me is this happy again.

· If last year didn’t prove just how absurd it is to look at the NFL schedule when it comes out and think predictions are relevant, nothing ever will. That said, the Eagles’ first four games—Packers, Redskins, Lions, Giants—look like a gift.

· With the NBA playoffs underway, and despite today’s loss by the Miami Heat, I’m looking forward to watching Dwayne Wade play a lot. Not that this is any revelation, but I think he’s the most exciting player by far in the league. I don’t make predictions any more, but if he’s truly healthy I’m looking for a Heat-Suns final.

· To the Sixer-fan haters, especially Stephen A. Smith, who kept mocking fans with the possibility that Greg Oden and Kevin Durant might not enter the NBA draft when it appeared the Sixers would get a very high pick: nice try. All your “sources,” “expertise,” etc., and I knew more than you sitting here on my butt. There was no way they weren’t coming out.

Of course, barring a lottery miracle, the Sixers won’t get close to either of them. The good news may be that Mike Connelly, Roy Hibbert, and Jeff Green, also came out and may be available for the Sixers. (Although after getting more into college hoops than ever, it would’ve been nice watching those guys star in March for a couple more years.)

· Speaking of drafts, the most over-hyped event in sports — the NFL draft — is less than a week away. If the Eagles draft a guy in the first round that is still relevant by October, I’ll be satisfied.

· The cheap shots from guys like Phil Sheridan on Howard Eskin after his blow-up with Charlie Manuel were pathetic. I heard the Daily News wouldn’t even mention Eskin by name. Anybody think guys like Bill Lyon or Bill Campbell would have been scared to mention the guy’s name? I’m not defending Eskin, though he really didn’t ask anything inappropriate, but the pettiness of some of the members of the media is just weak.

1 comment:

GM-Carson said...

Still without an official winning streak, but I like the way you put the 2 out of 3 spin on it.