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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

1, 2 Step by NCAAs is Just Fine

All of those that were crying about the lack of mid-majors in the NCAA tournament, kindly have a seat and pipe down. You’re done. This has absolutely been one of the most exciting tournaments in years, and the Final Four is poised to be as good as it gets.

Higher seeds have stormed back from large deficits on an incredibly regular basis. The two Ohio State comebacks were some of the most thrilling basketball I’ve ever seen. Sunday’s final game saw a comeback of unbelievable proportions when Georgetown overcame a 10-point deficit in the final four minutes against North Carolina.

That’s right, North Carolina.

This wasn’t the Hoyas coming alive against some George Mason squad you’ve never heard of before. They didn’t end Cinderella’s run. It was powerhouse against powerhouse.

Now, we get a Final Four with a dual 1, 2 seed match-up. Some of the best players in college hoops are going to decide the championship, including Greg Oden and Roy Hibbert going head-to-head in one semi-final Saturday night.

Keep Cinderella at the ball. The Big Dance is better off without her.

1 comment:

odentv said...

Oden is energized ever since the big Tennessee block - but this game comes down to the guard play. Oden will get his 20/10, even against Hibbert.

The question is, what is Connelly going to do?