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Monday, February 5, 2007

Colts Win Super Bowl

Peyton Manning received the coronation so many in the NFL have wanted to give him for years. He has one man to thank more than any other for the new Super Bowl ring he’ll soon own — Rex Grossman. In a decent, though far from great Super Bowl, the Indianapolis Colts defeated the Chicago Bears despite everything seeming to give the Bears the chance to win.

Bad weather, the first ever opening kick returned for a touchdown, and an early interception from Manning seemed to set the stage for an upset. Everyone knew Grossman couldn’t carry the Bears, but if he just showed up and everything else fell into place, they had a shot.

Grossman’s 165 yards and 2 interceptions doesn’t tell the story. He fumbled twice, losing one, and didn’t rush for a single yard. His longest completion (to a teammate) was 22 yards. The Bears didn’t sustain one long drive, absolutely wearing out their defense.

Give Tony Dungy credit. The Colts, known as a passing team with a weak defense, transformed into a team that pounded the Bears on both sides of the ball. I believe the telecast noted that the Colts were the first team to allow the most yards on defense for the season and win the Super Bowl. In other words, he fixed two major problems with his team mid-season. I’m not sure why he’s not getting more accolades for that.

And, yeah, give Manning credit too. Bottom line, he won the ultimate game.

Now, if he ever does it against an opposing quarterback that shows up, Manning might deserve some of the “he’s the best ever” hype he gets.

More thoughts:
· The commercial hype around the Super Bowl needs to go. The companies are trying too hard, and the ads aren’t really special any more. Bring back the Bud Bowl.
· Maybe I’m just getting old, but Prince’s halftime show seemed little more than loud. And I’m not a Prince hater.
· So, what is the point of the warm weather site, again? If they can play in the rain, they should just play anywhere. Snow’s at least fun to watch.

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