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Friday, December 29, 2006

Philly's Best & Worst: Year in Review

It’s that time of year when we look back and evaluate, and I decided to do the same with the Philly sports scene. At first I tried to come up with categories in which to determine the best and worst. Then I realized that this is Philadelphia. We have no problem identifying someone or something as “the worst” (or “the best”) and leaving it at that.

So, here’s the Philly Sports Review round-up of the best and worst in 2006:

Eagles: They’re the best. For the first time in ages there’s a legitimate argument for another team, but their surge to the playoffs and potential NFC East title helps them nudge the Phillies.

Flyers: They’re the worst. They were supposed to have hoisted the Stanley Cup in the last couple of years, and are now an irrelevant team in an irrelevant sport.

Ryan Howard: He’s the best, hands down. He made a serious run at the non-juiced home run mark, and is the biggest reason the Phillies likely supplant the Eagles as town favorite in 2007.

Pat Gillick: He’s the best. Gillick took more positive steps in one season to reshape the Phillies than the previous general manager ever did. Ed Wade’s mom wouldn’t hire him over Gillick.

Billy King: He’s the worst. If Bob Clarke was still around this might have been close. King, despite the Iverson trade, has made bad move after bad move. Worse, he keeps crying about being restricted by the salary cap, and has been in charge of fixing the problem for years.

Angelo Cataldi: He’s the worst. Cataldi’s morning show on WIP continues to have more and more to do with his efforts to ingratiate himself with those he has deemed “cool” (yes, he still uses “cool”), and less and less to do with sports. His interviews are atrocious, having become little more than boot-licking exercises. His show is also responsible for Wing Bowl, which I’ll get to in a minute.

Michael Barkann: He’s the best. Barkann is genuinely funny, but stays on point. He doesn’t allow himself to just go with the general attitude of Philly fans, and deals with each topic on its own merit. His interviews with sports figures on Daily News Live are very solid.

Stephen A. Smith: He’s the worst. Smith is usually just loud with little to say. At times he does a decent interview, but all too often he’s more interested in “brother-in-lawin’” guests on Quite Frankly. His show and column in the Inquirer are too frequently pushing agendas.

Glen Macnow: He’s the best. Macnow keeps things on an even keel better than anybody at WIP, and can change things up without leaving sports behind.

Phil Jasner: He’s the best. Jasner still cares about details and reporting, something sorely lacking in Philadelphia newspapers. He hasn’t put being a personality above his craft of writing.

Wing Bowl: It’s the worst. I absolutely hate the freakin’ Wing Bowl. It was originally conceived to “replace” the Super Bowl because the Eagles always sucked. If that’s not the ultimate loser mentality, I don’t know what the hell is. Besides that, it’s an eating contest on radio! Uh, hello?

Midday radio in Philadelphia: It’s the worst. We are 0-for-3 in this town. Anthony Gargano, Steve Martarano, and Jim Rome suck. Gargano doesn’t even comprehend the format, once asking a caller, “Do you want to talk, or do you want to listen?” Duh. He called! Martarano thinks he’s on Meet the Press, trying to elevate the conversation needlessly. Rome’s monologues are so dull I just can’t even listen.

WPEN: It’s the worst. Maybe disappointment is a better word. They were supposed to rescue us from WIP, but they’re too dull. One question — where the hell is Mike Missanelli?

That’s my list. See ya next year.


WRZ said...

I agree with you about Scream-n A Smith. This guy is so stupid he still thinks Billy King is a good GM !!!

WPEN is better than WIP because we don't have to hear relentless promotions of websites, book signings, and the Wing Bowl.

WIP needs to start paying their hosts enough so that they don't have to waste so much time giving us useless information about book signings.

There is already too much time being wasted on commercials without all these hosts inserting their own commercials

I have to disagree about Glen MaCnow. He is abusing his time slot worse than any of the hosts.
There should be a limit on how many times the same host can mention his own book in 1 4-hour segment. He is also ruining the Ray Didinger show on Saturdays by constantly badgering Ray about the Wing Bowl when Ray CLEARLY has ZERO interest in that mess.

Big Daddy Graham and Gary Cobb are doing the same thing too.

Plus MacNow also spends wayyyyyyy too much time talking about hockey. The only hockey talk I want to hear is to rip Ed Snider and Comcast for incompetence

I am sick and tired of the relentless promotion of the Wing Bowl for 4 months EVERY FLIPPIN YEAR !!!

As soon as I hear MacNow or Joliwitz on air, I change the station.

Jody McDonald was on vacation last week and so were Mike & Mad Dog, so I had to listen to music during that 4 hours all week.

Don Tollefson is one of the few people in this city who is more annoying than Harold Eskin and I can not stomach him for more than 5 minutes.

I have no idea why noone has hired Mike Missanelli. He is the best in this city at Sports talk and noone else is even close. I have a google alert set on "Missanelli" and that's how I noticed your Blog.

Midday Philly sports talk does suck. I listen to WFAN from 1-3 and then switch to Jody
McDonald at 3 PM. I only
listen to Jim Rome if the Mets have a day game or something.

It's funny listening to NYC fans whining about their sorry teams

WIP is impossible to listen to now.
It starts out horrible and it stays that way all day long. John Marzelli, Ruben Frank and Mark from the same newspaper are the only 3 I can stomach and they are seldom on.


The CC said...

Thanks for the feedback!

Tom G said...

I agree with you, Macnow is pretty darn good. I would disagree with you on WPEN however, I think Jody MacDonald on the drive home is pretty good, pretty even keel.

[by the way, what does it say about the Philly sports scene that we praise even-keeled personalities?]