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Friday, December 8, 2006

Iverson Done in Philly?

Billy King announced late this afternoon that Allen Iverson would not be playing tonight or in the next game for the Philadelphia 76ers. His suggestion that the team would decide what to do after that “if need be,” makes it clear a) it’s not because Iverson’s hurt, and b) they’d like to rid themselves of the guard. Reports are Iverson has demanded a trade, following in the footsteps of Chris Webber, and recently stormed out of practice after head coach Maurice Cheeks told the point guard he needs to pass more and shoot less.

It always amazes me when the highest paid guy on a crappy team “demands” a trade. The fact that the two highest paid guys on this team have reportedly demanded trades is mind boggling.

Does it really not occur to these guys that they’re part of the reason their teams suck? They never consider that their teams would love to trade them, but no other team wants them? They certainly never offer to renegotiate their inflated contract to make themselves a little more tradable.

In Webber’s case that really wouldn’t matter, of course. He’s a 6-10 forward who can’t post up, takes forever to get a shot off, can’t jump because of rickety knees, and has only heard of defense.

Iverson deserves a little more credit; he can still play. He’s merely a coach killer who has never gotten that a 6-foot point guard needs to pass the damn ball to get his team to win.

Week in Review:

  • Pat Gillick continues to look like a genius. He already had this town looking forward to baseball in the midst of football season. The acquisition of Freddy Garcia for a prospect and Gavin Floyd assures Phillies fans will be dreaming of the World Series all winter long.
  • The fact that Ed Snider seems to still be revered in this town is insane. Wasn’t it the ‘70s the last time the Flyers won a Cup? He then ousted Pat Croce after he took the Sixers to the Finals, and promptly returned them to doormat status.
  • The ebb and flow of an NFL season is amazing. If Jeff Garcia follows-up his 300+ yard passing performance on Monday night with another good game and a W on Sunday, people will be taping their ankles and jumping back on the bandwagon.
  • I stopped posting “expert” picks because my last calculation had them at 22-20-1. I believe my point was made: picking games is fun, but paying so-called experts for their picks is absurd.

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